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Faction Neutral.pngKavra
Information giver

Doctor Kavra is an independent researcher and one of the scientists kidnapped by Klingon Ambassador B'vat in 2409 to assist the Klingon Defense Force in developing experimental weapons to be used in the war against the Federation.

Missions encountered[edit | edit source]

  • FED “Secret Orders”: Player storms Klingon weapon research facility in Briar Patch, and frees Kavra. Kavra reveals she received what seemed like an excellent job offer, until she found out that her employer was B'vat. By then, it was too late and she, alongside twenty other scientists, was forced to work on developing improved disruptors and torpedoes for Klingon fleet. She hints that B'vat found an ancient device in deep space, as well as that one of the projects was to create a weapon strong enough to punch through solid neutronium.