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Kal Dano

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Faction Neutral.pngKal Dano
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Unexplored System
Information giver
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Jason Miller

Kal Dano is a Human/Vulcan/Lukari time traveller from the 27th Century.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Vorgon Conclusions”: Daniels and the player defend Kal Dano from Vorgon attacks in the Lirss System in the 27th Century, where Dano is working for the Daystrom Institute. They are repelled, and Daniels gives Kal his Timeship so he can escape and fulfill his date with destiny.
  • “Sunrise”: Dano assists the player and Kuumaarke's efforts to stabilize the star in the Lukari System. He beams Kuumaarke and the player's away team to his ship, which contains highly advanced technology. During their efforts to stabilize the star, the player is forced to repel a Tholian attack. Dano and the player are able to repel the Tholians and repair the star, but the Tholians escape with Dano's Tox Uthat, which will allow them to destroy stars with ease. Dano states that these events are part of the Temporal Cold War.
  • “Stormbound”: The Tholians manage to use the Tox Uthat on the star of the Na'kuhl System. Kal Dano and the player subsequently retrieve the device from the Tholian flagship and travel back the 22nd Century, where they hide it in a cave on Risa. After returning to 2410, the U.S.S. Pastak answers a temporal distress call sent by Kal Dano shortly before he vanishes into a time vortex during a renewed fight against the Tholians in the Na'kuhl System. After Cpt. Walker invites the player to the Pastak's bridge, they manage to retrieve Kal Dano's decayed corpse and time capsule, which had traveled back to the early 22nd Century where, a few decades later, the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) inadvertently activated the capsule's temporal distress beacon, causing it to automatically travel back to 2410.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "A Single Step": In this Post War Era entry, Dano speaks with Triphox, a Denobulan colleague. They have been running simulations on the Tox Uthat, and are now ready to test the quantum phase inhibitor on a dying star in the Alpha Quadrant. Dano is attacked by Vorgons, who steal the Tox Uthat. However, the Vorgons are stopped by a stranger introducing himself as Daniels.
  • "Stormbound": Dano speculates about why the Tholians have stolen the Tox Uthat, and why they lured him to the year 2410. He vows that, if he retrieves the quantum phase inhibitor, that he will find some place, or some time, to hide the device. Based on premonitions he has been having, and his interactions with Daniels, he fears he is nearing the end of his life.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Kal Dano was first mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Captain's Holiday". Being in accordance with the timepod recovered in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Future Tense", the game describes Dano's ship as being from the 31st century; however, in the TNG episode Kal Dano was described as a scientist from the 27th century.

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