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Military Rank:
Mission giver
Voiced by:
Dave Fennoy

Captain Kagran is a Klingon officer. He is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Iconian Resistance, and reports to the commanders of Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, and the Romulan Republic. In 2411, he commands the A.F.S. Khitomer, the first Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser launched under the Khitomer Alliance's Allied Fleet Service.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Gateway to Gre'thor”: Kagran coordinates the defense of Qo'noS from a Herald attack.
  • ALL “Brotherhood of the Sword”: Kagran provides a briefing when First City on Qo'noS is invaded by Herald forces.
  • ALL “The Herald Sphere”: Kagran briefs the player on a mission to attack the Herald Sphere.
  • ALL “Broken Circle”: Kagran presides over the briefing for the Alliance attack on the Iconia System. In the battle's aftermath, he authorizes use of the Krenim timeship.
  • “Midnight”: When the Iconians attack Earth, the Annorax is used to bring Kagran's, Sela's, and the player's ship to the point of time Iconia was destroyed 200,000 years ago. Kagran inadvertently arrives two weeks earlier than the others and builds a sympathy and appreciation for the Iconians during that time. He subsequently recommends not to execute the original plan of preventing any survivors to escape Iconia, but to assist the Iconians and see what effects their actions would have on the timeline.
  • ALL “The Temporal Front”: Kagran is present at the Alliance Summit on New Romulus.
  • ALL “Best Served Cold”: Kagran briefs the player before their operation at Rura Penthe.
  • ALL “The Centre Cannot Hold”: Kagran is present in the Great Hall during J'Ula's speech and is referenced by her. He later aids the player in defeating House Mo’Kai and Klingon Rebel forces after the meeting. Finally, he comes to the player's aid in the Qu'Vat System.
  • ALL “The Khitomer Discord”: Kagran engages House Mo’Kai forces aboard his flagship alongside Martok and the player before they beamed down on Khitomer System. Later after launching the mycelial attack, J'mpok dishonorably accuses the player of betraying the Alliance. Kagran then engages them in orbit of Khitomer System with Captains Shon and Koren ordered by the Chancellor. The player, J’Ula and Adet’pa disable their flagships as instructed by Martok. Koren or Shon, depending on the player's faction, informs them that J’mpok will soon declare everyone as enemies of the Empire.
  • ALL “Best Served Cold”: Together with Martok, Kagran commands the A.F.S. Khitomer and coordinates the efforts against House Mo'Kai forces led by Aakar as they attempt a prison break on Rura Penthe.

Missions given[edit | edit source]

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Iconian Intelligence File #247": Kagran outlines the history of the Iconians in a message to ship commanders of the Klingon Defense Force, Federation, and Romulan Republic, and urges the factions to unite to oppose them.
  • "Iconian Intelligence File #248": Kagran provides additional intelligence on the Iconians to the Resistance.
  • In Tales of the War #8, Kagran arranges to purchase an object of Krenim origin from Qwen. This sets the stage for “Time in a Bottle”.
  • In Tales of the War #22, Kagran enlists the aid of Captain Tom Paris in composing letters of condolence to the families of fallen Starfleet officers. As he does so, Kagran reflects on the losses sustained during the war.
  • In Tales of the War #23, Kagran summons a contingent of Klingon warriors to Starfleet Academy to celebrate the end of the Iconian War, unwittingly providing cover for Sela's escape.
  • Kagran contacts players who complete tier V of the Iconian Resistance and Competitive Wargames Reputation Systems to congratulate them and present them with a reward.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Before he takes command of the Khitomer, Kagran wears a unique hybrid uniform that has components of both Klingon Honor Guard and Bortasqu' uniforms.
  • Kagran's model was revamped with Season Twenty: House Divided as part of the Year of Klingon updates.
  • In the cutscene subtitles at the beginning of "Delta Flight", Kagran's name is misspelled as "Kagren".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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