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Military Rank:
Bridge Officer
Voiced by:

Lieutenant K'Gan, son of Ker, is the third officer of the tutorial starship for players of the Klingon Empire. Later, he becomes the player's first bridge officer.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • KDF characters created before Season Eight: The Sphere, or that discharge K'Gan, can (re-)obtain him by speaking with the Imperial Personnel Auditor NPC contact in the command center of Klingon Academy, standing next to the northern exchange terminal. Clicking the "Claim K'Gan as One of Your Crew" button will automatically add him to your crew.
  • Much like his Starfleet counterpart, Elisa Flores, K'Gan has voiceovers during the tutorial missions, but not in the subsequent story missions. Like Flores, but unlike Tovan Khev of the Romulan Republic, he can therefore be dismissed after the conclusion of the tutorial.
  • During the tutorial mission of the 2409 Starfleet, it's possible to see Klingon NPCs that look just like K'Gan.
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