Jem'Hadar Escort

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Faction Dominion.pngJem'Hadar Escort
Rank background icon.png
Honored First Rank icon (Dominion).png
Upgrade cost:
Upgrade.png Free
Tier 5: 34500
Lvl 50 T5U: 39675
Lvl 55 T5U: 42838
Lvl 60 T5U: 46000
Lvl 65 T5U: 51750
Hull modifier:
Shield modifier:
Turn rate:
Impulse modifier:
Inertia rating:
Warp core:
Generic Warp Core.png Matter-Antimatter
Bonus Power:
+15 weapons power
Bridge Officers:
Commander Tactical Lieutenant Tactical Lieutenant Commander Engineering Ensign Engineering Lieutenant Science
Fore 4 Aft 3
Can equip dual cannons.
Type-specific slot:
Experimental Weapon
Device slots:
Console tac icon.png 4 Console eng icon.png 4 Console sci icon.png 3
1,000Refined dilithium icon.png
Admiralty stats:
Adm eng dom.png 23 Adm tac dom.png 42 Adm sci dom.png 10
Disambig icon.png This article is about the playable starship. For the NPC vessel, see Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (Mob).

The Jem'Hadar Escort is a Tier 5 (Level 1) Escort which may be flown by Dominion characters.

Players can obtain this starship by completing the Dominion faction tutorial. If discarded, players may purchase it from any Ship and Shuttle Requisitions officer for 1,000 Refined dilithium icon.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Jem'Hadar Escort is a small starship, designed as the workhorse of the Dominion fleets. These ships were used with deadly effect during the Dominion War. Small, fast and maneuverable, the Jem'Hadar Escort packs a punch that is larger than expected for a ship of its size.

It has similar stats to the existing Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, but with no Universal seating, and fewer Tactical bridge officer and console slots, making it more well-rounded.

Starship Mastery[edit | edit source]

Starship Mastery
Precise Weapon Systems
Precise Weapon Systems
Precise Weapon Systems
Tactical Maneuevering
Tactical Maneuevering
Tactical Maneuevering
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Devastating Weaponry
Devastating Weaponry
Devastating Weaponry
Level Name Description
I Precise Weapon Systems +5 Accuracy Rating.
II Tactical Maneuevering +5% Defense.
III Enhanced Weapon Systems +10% Kinetic Damage.
+10% All Energy Damage.
IV Devastating Weaponry +2.5% Critical Chance.
V No Starship Trait specified
VI Account-Wide Reclaim Unlock Complete this tier of Starship Mastery to be allowed to claim this starship on any character on this account.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Experimental Weapon[edit source]

The Jem'Hadar Escort comes with an Experimental Weapon slot. This additional slot does not fit standard weapons. Unlike standard starship weapons, Experimental weapons are not affected by weapon firing modes, such as those granted by bridge officer abilities.

Universal consoles[edit | edit source]

The Jem'Hadar Escort doesn't come equipped with any universal consoles.

However, as a Jem'Hadar starship, the Jem'Hadar Escort can equip consoles part of the Dominion Console Set, which includes [Console - Universal - Enhanced Dominion Command Interface], [Console - Universal - Enhanced Dominion Coordination Protocol] and [Console - Universal - Dominion Defense Screen] obtainable with Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier (T6), Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier (T6) and Jem'Hadar Strike Ship (T6) or the Jem'Hadar Recon Ship (T6). For each console added after the first, an additional passive bonus is unlocked.

Standard configuration[edit | edit source]

These starships come with Mk XII Very Rare equipment. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

T5-X upgrade

By using an [Experimental Ship Upgrade Token], the Jem'Hadar Escort may be upgraded to T5-X, unlocking an extra ship device slot, universal console slot, and the ability to slot an extra starship trait.

Admiralty ship[edit | edit source]

Admiralty Ship
Shipshot Background Admiralty Dominion.png
Shipshot Jem Hadar Attack Ship5.png
Shipshot Frame Tactical Dominion.png
Adm eng dom.png 23 Adm tac dom.png 42 Adm sci dom.png 10
1.5x Critical Rating from All Stats

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