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Faction Neutral.pngJarleth System
Delta Quadrant

The Jarleth System is a system located in the Syllerran Sector of the Delta Quadrant.

System Description

Jarleth II is a desert world once populated by a pre-warp civilization made up of nomadic tribes that had never made contact with aliens. Tergeted by the Nyrians as a site for expansion, the Jarleth were captured over a series of months in the early 24th century and were transported to a Nyrian biosphere vessel for holding. After the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager escaped Nyrian custody in 2373, the Nyrians agreed to return to their homes. The Jarleth tribes returned to their planet, and abandoned their tribal society for a unifed government. They are in the process of experimenting with warp travel, and hope to one day join the other species they know are in the Delta Quadrant.

Missions Involved

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