James Fadi Mehra

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FederationJames Fadi Mehra
Military Rank:
Facility 4028
Birth year:

James Fadi Mehra (Inmate 79478), also known as Princep Khan, is a male Human Augment and Class VI prisoner of Federation maximum security detention center Facility 4028. He is the leader of the Children of Khan and is currently on the run.

History[edit | edit source]

  • In 2374, James F. Mehra was born on Mars.
  • He underwent accelerated critical neural pathway engineering on Adigeon Prime when he was eight. (2382)
  • Further advancements (physical attributes, reflexes, vision, stamina) followed in 2384.
  • As Princep Khan, Mehra assumed leadership of the radical Augment group "Children of Khan".
  • By 2409, Mehra was serving a 20 year sentence (without the possibility of parole) in Facility 4028. During his stay, his interactions with other inmates had to be monitored but only the Warden could approve communications. Private recreation and study access were granted. A guard was required at all counseling sessions and during medical treatments. The Warden was also responsible for approving access to technology.
  • His cell was located in the Main Holding Area of Facility 4028. He escaped during a prison riot in 2409.
  • James F. Mehra exhibits anti-social and psychopathic tendencies to the extreme and is also highly manipulative.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Facility 4028”: Information about Inmate 79478 is accessible from the ISIS interface at the cell's door, which can be opened. During the prison riot, Mehra escapes the prison.

Notes[edit | edit source]