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PConly.png PC-focused content ahead.
The following article or section describes content from the perspective of the PC version of the game. While the mechanics will be similar for players on
Xbox and PS4, many elements of the UI will be different. Please consider updating this article to include content from the console versions of Star Trek Online.
An Inventory
Currencies are displayed in the Assets tab of the Inventory

The Inventory is both an area where items are stored and a user interface element. It can be accessed by its default key bind "I" or by clicking the inventory button on the Minimap. Your inventory can store most items, including weapons, shields, Data samples etc.

To divide or break up stacks of items, hold down the Ctrl key whilst dragging the stack to an empty slot.

Inventory slots[edit | edit source]

Your inventory (both your personal bank inventory and character inventory) gains more slots as you progress through the game allowing you to store more items.

Rank Slots
Gold Silver
Ensign 60 60
Lieutenant Commander 66
Commander 72
Captain 78
Rear Admiral, Lower Half Brigadier General 84
Rear Admiral, Upper Half Major General 90
Vice Admiral Lieutenant General 96
Promo - Additional Inventory Slots
Common Inventory
Account Bind On Pickup
* * Rewarded as part of a Special Promotion.

This part of the Promo Bundle has remained unpacked because your character is already at or near the max number of available Inventory Slots that may be purchased. This package may be traded to other characters on your account, and applied to any character that is not at/near this upper limit.

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

An additional 12 inventory slots (character unlock) can be purchased from the Zen Store for 400 Zen small icon.png, up to nine (9) times per character. Should a character at or near the limit receive a promotional bundle that would put them over the limit of Inventory slots, an account-bound [Promo - Additional Inventory Slots] will be placed in their inventory instead.

Crew[edit | edit source]

The crew button in your personal inventory opens your starships status window allowing you to quickly equip/unequip items from your character, bridge officers, and ship. This button does exactly the same as pressing the U key on your keyboard.

Replicator[edit | edit source]

The replicator button at the bottom right of the inventory can be used to buy and sell items whilst aboard your ship. Clicking it opens a Buy/Sell window. Players can sell unwanted items at the replicator and will receive 40% of the items base value.

Overflow Bag[edit | edit source]

If an object is being automatically rewarded and there are no inventory slots, an inventory bag will appear where you can claim that item. You cannot choose which items go into the bag and once it is clear, it will not be visible.

Also if the bag contains more items than your inventory can hold, you will not be able to retrieve items from the bag until you have the required available slots free.

Once you have 50 items in your overflow bag, you will be restricted from using the Admiralty System, Duty officer system, Research and Development system, and will be unable to turn in missions, queue for Task Force Operations, withdraw items from your bank, or purchase items from stores or the exchange. At 100 items, you will be unable to accept new missions or post items on the exchange. At 200 items, the overflow bag is full and you will be unable to receive new items by any means.