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For the canon recreation of the Voyager interior, see Intrepid Interiors

The temple-like Intrepid bridge pack features three bridges which are identical save for color scheme, and must be purchased for 400 Zen small icon.png from the Zen Store. These bridges more closely resemble the Operations center of Deep Space Nine than the bridge of a starship, with their unique wraparound control panels mounted on pillars, flat-panel screens extended from the sides of the pillars, and ensuite transporter pad.

All Intrepid bridge packs bridge feature eight of the player's own Bridge Officers. They also all feature an Intrepid-class Master Systems Display.

Note that despite the name, this bridge is not meant to simulate that of the Intrepid-class starship U.S.S. Voyager.

Fellowship[edit | edit source]

The forward view.
View forward from the aft consoles on the Fellowship bridge.
The Auxiliary consoles The Fore Port Console
The Auxiliary aft consoles on the Fellowship bridge. The Fore Port Console is an alcove unto itself.
The Master Systems Display The Bridge Transporter Pad
The Master Systems Display on the Fellowship. The Bridge Transporter Pad, unique to this bridge pack.

Peace[edit | edit source]

The Captain sits here.
Before Season 3, the Captain couldn't actually sit in this chair.
Who thought up this control scheme?!
The Pillar controls and their side-mounted control panels.

Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

It really does look like a temple.
The Brotherhood bridge is cloaked in cozy, warm colors.
The Viewscreen View
The view from the Viewscreen.