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The Imperial Romulan State was a short-lived political entity created by Romulan Commander Donatra in 2381 and folded back into the Romulan Star Empire in 2385.

The beginning of the break-away faction is marked by Donatra declaring herself Empress of the "Imperial Romulan State" and taking over several agricultural worlds of the Star Empire, thereby threatening Romulus with severe food shortages. In 2383, a Star Empire fleet under Fleet Commander and Proconsul Tomalak is defeated by Donatra's forces at Xanitla. During the battle, Tomalak's second-in-command, Admiral Taris defects to the Imperial State.

One year later, Empress Donatra agrees to a conference to discuss the creation of new borders and the establishment of a neutral zone between the two Romulan factions. Admiral Taris is sent to the Romulan capital as Donatra's representative, but is later recalled after being accused in taking part in the assassination on Praetor Tal'aura, the head of the Star Empire. In 2385, Donatra meets with then-Proconsul Sela and Rehaek on Romulus to find a peaceful diplomatic solution. The worlds of the Imperial Romulan State are folded back into the Romulan Star Empire, but Donatra maintained control of her military and kept them off-world in the event the peace would not last. Donatra's disappearance in 2387 marked the ultimate end of the idea of an Imperial Romulan State, and it would take until 2409 until another notable Romulan-Reman faction would emerge: The Romulan Republic.

Note[edit | edit source]

As the timeline of Star Trek Online only incorporates certain soft-canon information, its history of the Imperial Romulan State is somewhat different. The Star Trek: Destiny trilogy and A Singular Destiny show the Imperial State to already be created in 2380 as well as to become a part of the Typhon Pact, none of which is mentioned in STO's timeline.

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