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I.K.S. Worvig

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KlingonI.K.S. Worvig
IKS Worvig.png
Raptor Escort
Oleum System
Missing (2409)
Destroyed (2270)

The I.K.S. Worvig is a Somraw class Klingon Raptor Escort under the command of Ambassador B'vat.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Past Imperfect”: Admiral B'vat sends the Worvig back in time to 2270 and gives command of the ship to his past self. Later, after B'vat Prime abducts Miral Paris, the Worvig attacks the U.S.S. Enterprise in an attempt to change history even further. A young Captain B'vat informs the player that many of the Worvig's crew are "crazed" due to their exposure to the augmentation process.

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