I.K.S. Sompek

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KlingonI.K.S. Sompek
Mob Klingon Vo'quv Dreadnought 2.png
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Starbase 24

I.K.S. Sompek is a Klingon Vo'quv dreadnought running a raid deep into Federation territory. The Sompek is escorted by a large force of raptors.

The Sompek has a chance to spawn in the Starbase 24 fleet action after the mission is completed. Once the mission restarts it will despawn, so the fleet has a short window of opportunity to find and destroy the Sompek.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Starbase 24”: The Sompek joins the assault on Federation outpost to support the assault on the station.

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