Hypercharged Field Projector

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Hypercharged Field Projector icon.png
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Hypercharged Field Projector
Very Rare Experimental Weapon
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Hypercharged Field Projector

Point Defense Electrical Damage

360' targeting arc
+200 Accuracy Rating
To nearest target:
_ Electrical Damage (_ DPS) (100% Shield Penetration, decreases dramatically with distance from target)
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png

The Hypercharged Field Projector is an Experimental Weapon for starships. This Experimental Weapon rapidly generates electrical fields that arc out to the nearest target, dealing electrical damage directly to their hull. Due to the inherent nature of electrical fields, this attack is nearly impossible to avoid, but it rapidly loses damage over range.

It is obtainable from the M'Chla Pilot Bird-of-Prey for Klingon-aligned characters, and the Shran Light Pilot Escort for Starfleet-aligned characters. It can be equipped on any starship capable of utilizing Experimental Weapons.

Gear Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Experimental Weapons can be upgraded using the Beam Weapons Tech Upgrades, Cannon Weapons Tech Upgrades or assorted Universal Tech Upgrades. It will receive an additional modifier on successful quality improvement:

Ultra Rare [CrtX] +2% Critical Chance
+10% Critical Severity
Epic [Ac/Dm] +10 Accuracy Rating
+X Damage

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