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NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Hur'q, Drantzuli
Gamma Quadrant
Alliance Relations:
Open warfare

Hur'q Swarmer.jpg
Hur'q Swarmers

The Hur'q were a race from the Gamma Quadrant who invaded Qo'noS in the 14th century. By 2409 they are believed to be extinct.

History[edit | edit source]

Hur'q Swarmers emerging from a planetary surface

The Hur'q (meaning 'Outsider' in Klingon) originated from the Gamma Quadrant and invaded Qo'noS in the 14th century. While ruling the Klingons, they stole artifacts such as the Sword of Kahless which was not recovered until the late 24th century when Worf, Dax, and Kor retrieved it from a Hur'q outpost in the Gamma Quadrant. ("The Sword of Kahless", “Destiny”) At some point, the Hur'q disappeared and most of the galaxy believed they went extinct.

With the return of the Fek'Ihri and Molor in 2409, some members of the Klingon High Council believed Hur'q were connected, and claimed that the Sword of Kahless was essential to defend the empire. ( “Destiny”)

Eventually, the player, aided by Kahless, used the Sword to defeat the Fek'Ihri, and detected a resonance signature on Fek'Ihr's corpse which matched the one found on remains of Hur'q technology recovered from archaeological sites. ( “The Gates of Gre'thor”). The Sword was subsequently lost again when Emperor Kahless fell to the Iconians. ( “House Pegh”)

In reality, the Hur'q hid inside a number of worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant and had bred caretakers, known to the Tzenkethi as Drantzuli, to prepare for their return. The Tzenkethi somehow became aware of this and attempted to stop their return by cleansing worlds of Drantzuli and Hur'q before they could be awoken. The Alliance, unaware of the true target behind Coalition attacks, attempted to stop them. The Dominion also became aware of the threat, given their rapid response to the Hur'q attack on the Alliance at Bajor. Following the Coalition-Alliance battle over Bajor, a large number of Hur'q swarmers launched from several worlds which the Alliance had previously saved from the Tzenkethi and attacked Bajor. With the help from both the Dominion and elements of the Tzenkethi military, the Alliance managed to push the Hur'q forces back, at least for a while. ( “Scylla and Charybdis”)

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