House of Torg Rebellion

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House of Torg Rebellion
Date: 2409
Cause: Attempted coup
Result: The House of Torg is absorbed by the House of Duras.
Alexander Rozhenko is murdered by Torg.
Faction Klingon Empire Rebel.png House of Torg
Orion Secessionists
Faction KDF.png Klingon Empire
House of Martok

The House of Torg Rebellion was a brief conflict caused by Torg's alliance with the Romulan Star Empire. After J'mpok's dissolution of the House of Torg, the House allied with a band of Orion secessionists in an attempt to destroy the Klingon Empire. Near the end of the Romulan Insurgency, the Tal Shiar notes that the House of Torg has been absorbed by the House of Duras.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

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The House of Torg enters an alliance with the Romulans in an attempt to destroy the House of Martok. Franklin Drake vaguely informed Alexander and a Klingon operative of Torg's threat to the Empire, causing the operative and Alexander to investigate ( “Manhunt”).

The War[edit | edit source]

Tarsen's Attack[edit | edit source]

After encountering a Romulan assassin, the House of Torg moved to defend him. While investigating on Forcas III, the Romulan is discovered and M'ven is killed in the ensuing battle. The House of Martok discovers Torg's treachery, and the assassin is killed in orbit. After giving M'ven a funeral, the House of Martok swears vengeance against the House of Torg ( “Bringing Down the House”).

Battle of Gorath[edit | edit source]

A sizable fleet loyal to the House of Martok attack Torg's fleet in the Gorath System. After destroying most of the system's defenses, a Klingon operative and Alexander board a space station to find Torg. During the assault, Torg's son, S'gen, is killed. The invaders find Torg and attack him, but he flees the battle for Qo'noS. The rest of the invading fleet destroys the remnants of Torg's forces ( “The House Always Wins”).

Discommendation of the House of Torg[edit | edit source]

The House of Martok approaches J'mpok and presents evidence of Torg's treachery of siding with Romulans. The Chancellor orders The House of Torg's dissolution in response. Torg, now furious, stabs Alexander, killing him. Torg escapes while Worf grieves for his son ( “The House Always Wins”). Shortly afterwards, the House of Torg attacks the Klingon operative responsible for their fate in the Cursa System. The attacking fleet is destroyed by the operative, forcing the House to enter hiding ( “Test of Mettle”).

Revival and Destruction[edit | edit source]

After the Fek'Ihri Invasion, the House of Torg allied with a band of Orion separatists. They planned to use smuggled Borg technology to conquer the Klingon Empire. The Klingon operative discovers their activities and stops them ( “A House Pursued”). The operative later finds the Romulans buying Torg's smuggled technology and destroys the Romulan ships ( “House on Fire”).

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of their smuggling operation, a majority of members of the House of Torg are absorbed into the House of Duras ( “Mine Enemy”).
Some elements of the House of Torg continue their Rebellion, attacking targets in the Mempa Sector, however they are dealt with by patrolling forces from the Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic and the Federation, conclusively ending the Rebellion ( “Beta Thoridor System Patrol”).[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Mission dialogue for KDF captains, the Romulan Patrol Captain states that the Klingon Rebel commander says he is from the House of Torg.