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The House of Martok and its allies performing the Ak'voh for M'ven
Mansion of the House of Martok on Qo'noS

The House of Martok is one of the Great Houses of the Klingon High Council. It is named after Martok, the Klingon Chancellor from 2375 to his apparent death in 2393. As of 2409, the house is led by Lady Sirella from the houses mansion in the Ketha Lowlands. Martok returned and led his house once again in 2410 after his liberation from the Son'a Facility 617 prison run by the House of Torg.

Members[edit | edit source]

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • KDF “Bringing Down the House”: Lady Sirella summons the player and K'mtar in order to protect M'ven's and Worf's life. Although the Romulan assassins collaborating with the House of Torg are exposed, M'ven is killed on Forcas III.
  • KDF “The House Always Wins”: After sending M'ven's spirit to Sto-vo-kor, K'mtar and the player attack the House of Torg, killing Torg's son. This provokes him to appear before the High Council, where he is discommendated and his house disbanded. Before leaving, he stabs K'mtar, who then dies in his father's arms.
  • ALL “Brushfire”: Lady Sirella and Worf lead forces loyal to their house into the Briar Patch to reinforce the player and General Rodek in fighting off a combined fleet composed of Klingons loyal to House Torg, Tzenkethi, and Son'a intent on preventing the liberation of Martok from imprisonment by Torg.
  • ALL “Quark's Lucky Seven”: A team of Ferengi around Quark retrieve the Sword of Kahless from T'Ket's possession. They subsequently fake it being stolen by Leck after its retrieval, when in fact, they give it to Grilka of the House of Martok after the mission is completed.
Martok rallies his house on Empersa in the final battle against the Hur'q
  • ALL “Home”: With the Sword of Kahless in his possession and with Worf as his torchbearer, Martok rallies his house as his forces enter Empersa to assist the Alliance in the final battle against the Hur'q.
    House Martok during J'Ula's meeting with the High Council at the Great Hall.
  • ALL “The Centre Cannot Hold”: Martok represents his house at J’Ula’s meeting with the Klingon High Council at the Great Hall.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While her step-father Worf is a member of the House of Martok, it has not yet been confirmed whether Koren is also a member.
  • Despite Worf stating in "Bringing Down The House" that the B'Ellera, the female Klingon Tactical officer the player is given as a mission reward, was personally trained by him, it is not made clear if she is a member of the House of Martok or merely Worf's student.
  • Loresinger B'Alea gives background to the House of Martok and its relations with the House of Duras.

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