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House of B'vat

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The House of B'vat is one of the Great Houses of the Klingon Empire, until recently led by Ambassador B'vat.

During the 23rd century, the House of B'vat was engaged in a blood feud with the House of Duras.

In 2389, the House of B'vat's feud with House of Mo'Kai was reignited when B'vat's son K'das was murdered by Aakan of the House of Mo'Kai. B'vat swore to hunt down and kill all members of the House of Mo'Kai, which he eventually accomplished. Aakan flees Qo'noS, and agents of the House of B'vat track him down on H'atoria. He is defeated by B'vat in ritual combat.

In the 25th century, B'vat's house is behind a rogue weapons program involving the Planet Killer. His forces included Captain Urthog, Captain D'Tang and Lieutenant K'Valk, although the latter would betray him.

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