Holonovel Code Fragment

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Holonovel Code Fragment
Common Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Activate this item to assign Duty Officers to decode the fragment.
Value: 100,000 Energy credit icon.png
Holonovel Code Fragment icon.png
Common icon.png

This item is obtained from a [Holonovel Storage Device], which can be found in the [Infinity Lock Box].

Description[edit | edit source]

Within this device sits a set of coded subroutines that comprise one character from the infamous Holonovel written and programmed by would-be Ferengi terrorist, Bardok, which came to the colloquially known as "Death By Hamlet." The Holonovel was designed to be ran on a starship or space station fitted with holographic projectors. Upon initiation of the Final Act of the play, secret codes within each character's holomatrix would activate hidden subroutines to transform the cast of players into an army capable of subduing, and then autonomously operating, their venue.
Bardok's plan was foiled before it ever came to fruition. In his mad lust for power, he drove his family deeply in debt. When the FCA Liquidators came to arrest him, his belongings were confiscated and sold off to the highest bidder in an attempt to erase his monstrous debts. How the Great River brought them into your possession is a mystery.
Activating the item within will grant you the opportunity to participate in a Duty Officer Assignment to decode the holomatrix of a unique duty officer, which will be added to your roster upon completion. It is impossible to know which character is encoded within until the completion of the assignment.

Use[edit | edit source]

Using this item will prompt the player to start a new Duty Officer Assignment called “Decrypt Holonovel Code Fragment”:

Decryption Process Initialized

Assigning duty officers from the crew to decrypt code fragments may assist in reassembly of the data. Initial scans of the data suggest that the code fragments are part of a highly sophisticated Holodeck program.
Acquisition and utilization of duty officers requires you to be level 11.
Decrypt Code Fragment

The assignment will randomly reward one of 19 Hamlet themed photonic duty officers. All of these duty officers are Uncommon or better quality. These are custom designed for the Duty Officer Assignment called “Holodeck Performance of Hamlet” but are not required to complete it.