Hangar - Elite Elachi Qulash Frigate

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Hangar - Elachi Qulash Frigate icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png
Hangar - Elite Elachi Qulash Frigate
Ultra Rare Hangar Bay
Bind On Pickup
Elachi Sheshar Intel Dreadnought Cruiser (T6), Elachi Sheshar Command Dreadnought Cruiser (T6)
Elite Elachi Qulash Frigate capabilities:
* Fore Elachi Dual Cannon
* Fore Elachi Daul Heavy Cannon
* Fore Elachi Torpedo Launcher
* Aft Elachi Turret
* Elusive Target
* Torpedo: Spread II
* Cannon: Rapid Fire II
* Sub-space Jump
* Evade Target Lock I
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Launch Elite Elachi Qulash Frigate
Launch Frigate
Launches a level 61 Elite Elachi Qulash Frigate. Each Hangar supports 2 deployed ships at any given time.
Value: 100,000 Fleet Credits 40,950 Refined dilithium icon.png

Elite Elachi Qulash Frigate is type of Carrier Pet that can only be installed and launched from Intel or Command variant of Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser.

Information[edit | edit source]

  • Launches 1 at a time.
  • Can launch up to 2 per hangar.
  • Cooldown: 60s*
  • Range: 15km

*Auxiliary power level will determine the recharge rate before it can be launched again and if Auxiliary systems are knocked offline, the hangar will not operate.

Equipment and Abilities[edit | edit source]



Availability[edit | edit source]

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