Hangar - Advanced Obelisk Swarmers

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This page is for the advanced Hangar Pet. For other uses, see Swarmer (disambiguation).
Hangar - Advanced Obelisk Swarmers
Very Rare Hangar Bay
Carrier, Escort Carrier, Flight-Deck Cruiser
Fighter gear:
* Focused Antiproton Array
* Advanced Antiproton Defense Array
* Transphasic Torpedo
* Advanced Antiproton Defense Array
* Beam Array Overload II
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Launch Advanced Obelisk Swarmers
Launch Advanced Obelisk Swarmers
Launches a wing of three level 51 Advanced Obelisk Swarmers. Each hangar supports 2 deployed wings at any given time.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Obelisk Swarmers icon.png
Very rare icon.png

Hangar - Advanced Obelisk Swarmers launches three Advanced Obelisk Swarmers from the Hangar Bay. Advanced Obelisk Swarmers have a close-range Focused Antiproton Beam Array, an Antiproton Turret, an Advanced Antiproton Defense Array, and Transphasic Torpedos. They will use the Beam Overload II ability. When equipped this item provides the Launch Advanced Obelisk Swarmers ability.

Swarmers are small unmanned drones that quickly close with their target and harass them with powerful antiproton beam attacks and transphasic torpedoes at very close range. They can deal tremendous amounts of damage very quickly, but are highly vulnerable to area of effect attacks.

Information[edit | edit source]

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Obtained[edit | edit source]

Found in hidden compartments of consoles on the optional path in “Sphere of Influence”.

Available from Fleet Spires with the Tier 2 Research unlocked for 22,500 Refined dilithium icon.pngand 50,000 Fleet Credits.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Hangar - Advanced Obelisk Swarmers found in “Sphere of Influence” can only be used on the Obelisk Carrier or Advanced Obelisk Carrier

Auxiliary power levels determine the cooldown rate, and Auxiliary Power Offline will disable Hangar functionality.

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Reference[edit | edit source]

  • Carrier Pets breakdown from CaptainGeko [1]
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