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Military Rank:
First City
Starship Equipment Vendor
Starship Weapon Vendor

Lieutenant Gurkan is a Klingon KDF officer located at the Shipyard in orbit over the Qo'noS capital First City. He serves as a starship components vendor and sells such items as shield arrays, impulse engines, and starship weapons for Energy Credits.

Although he is listed as a components vendor, he also sells starship weapons and shuttles, pods and fighters for the Vo'Quv Carrier.

Weapons Sold[edit | edit source]

Beam[edit | edit source]

Cannon[edit | edit source]

Torpedo[edit | edit source]

Components Sold[edit | edit source]

Deflector Dish[edit | edit source]

Impulse Engine[edit | edit source]

Ship Shield[edit | edit source]

Carrier Launch Bay[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Price
Hangar - To'Duj Fighters icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - To'Duj Fighters] 2,500 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Bird-of-Prey icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Bird-of-Prey] 4,150 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Shield Repair Shuttles icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Shield Repair Shuttles] 2,500 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Power Siphon Drones icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Power Siphon Drones] 2,500 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - S'kul Fighters icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - S'kul Fighters] 4,150 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Fer'Jai Frigate icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Fer'Jai Frigate] 4,150 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Orion Slavers icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Orion Slavers] 2,500 Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Orion Interceptors icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Orion Interceptors] Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Tachyon Drones icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Tachyon Drones] Energy credit icon.png
Hangar - Marauding Force icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
[Hangar - Marauding Force] Energy credit icon.png

Consumables Sold[edit | edit source]