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QGummy Kos'karii
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Q's Winter Wonderland

The Gummy Kos'karii is an enemy NPC found in Q's Winter Wonderland's “Klingon Ice Fishing” mission. The players must bait the Kos'karii by catching gummy fish with a Fishing Gauntlet and loading them into the center of the Frozen Lake. When enough fish have been offered, the Kos'karii appears which the players must defeat with their Winter Wonderland ice and snow-based weapons.

The Kos'karii is taken from Klingon lore. When dishonored Klingon warriors die, they believe that they take the Barge of the Dead across blood-red waters Gre'thor. These waters are filled with pale serpents known as the kos'karii. A Klingon tradition of ice fishing with their hands to lure a giant ghargh developed from this, which Q then recreated with candy.

Missions Encountered[edit | edit source]

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