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These are the uniforms that have appeared in the Star Trek series and films.

The Original Series (TOS)[edit | edit source]

Early TOS - "The Cage" Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Early TOS - "The Cage" Technician Coveralls[edit | edit source]

TOS Uniforms[edit | edit source]

23rd Century Starfleet Uniform.

TOS Technician Coveralls[edit | edit source]

TMP (The Motion Picture) Uniforms[edit | edit source]

The Motion Picture Uniform

TOS films or WoK (Wrath of Khan) Uniforms[edit | edit source]

The Wrath of Khan Uniform

Note: The color palette for this uniform has been changed since these images were created. In order to get the closest matches to these colors in the new palette, apply them to another uniform that uses the standard Federation palette first.

The Next Generation (TNG)[edit | edit source]

TNG Uniforms - Season 1+2[edit | edit source]

The Next Generation Season One Uniform, Warrior's Sash

TNG Uniforms - Seasons 3-7[edit | edit source]

The Next Generation Series Uniform, Counselor Troi Uniform, Open Jacket Uniforms

The Yesterday's Enterprise uniforms are not available in exact, but the TNG series uniforms are closest and provide good replication. To replicate the YE uniforms, use these as a base, and add the YE belt, chest for enlisted. The belt cannot be colored, so set the color to H11 with another belt first. For the chest gear, set the color to P12 before selecting the YE chest gear.

TNG Technician Coveralls[edit | edit source]

Deep Space Nine (DS9)[edit | edit source]

TNG Films / DS9 later seasons Uniforms - Seasons 6+7[edit | edit source]

The Next Generation Film Uniform

TNG Films / DS9 later seasons Dress Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Diplomat Uniform

DS9 early seasons Uniforms - Seasons 1-5[edit | edit source]

Deep Space Nine Uniform

DS9 Cadet Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Bajoran Militia Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Bajoran Militia Uniform

Voyager (VOY)[edit | edit source]

VOY Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Deep Space Nine Uniform

VOY Special Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Racing Uniform

Voyager Endgame/DS9 The Visitor/TNG All Good Things Uniforms[edit | edit source]

All Good Things Uniform

Voyager Endgame Cadet Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Enterprise (ENT)[edit | edit source]

ENT Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Enterprise (22nd Century) Uniform, T'Pol Uniform

M.A.C.O. Outfit (22nd Century)[edit | edit source]

Enterprise M.A.C.O. Uniform

These are recreations of the uniforms worn by M.A.C.O. soldiers in the 22nd century. Fully utilizing this guide requires the player to own Enterprise M.A.C.O. Uniform, available to Federation players from the Lobi store for 300Lobi Crystal icon.png.

Upper Body Selection Colors
Category Uniform - Bare Chest
Rank Terran - Ensign I2, A3, I5
Badge Terran Empire A14
Hands Intel I2, B2, I2
Arm Attach Left Terran - Dagger Armband I1, C13, I4
Undershirt (Male, optional) Chest Hair Varies
Lower Body Selection Colors
Category Uniform - Pants Tucked High
Belt (Female) Terran - Odyssey I5, I3, C13, I6
Lower Tucked High - Panels and Pockets Q1, I1, I1, I1
Feet (Female) Boot Low Heel I1, I1
Feet (Male) Boot Leather Padded I1, I1, I1, I1

Discovery (DSC)[edit | edit source]

DSC Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Discovery Uniform

Star Trek: Picard (PCD)[edit | edit source]

Starfleet 2399 Duty Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Starfleet 2399 Uniform

Special/Other[edit | edit source]

29th Century (Wells)[edit | edit source]

Wells Uniform

Note: The badge and rank colors in these images are out of date due to a palette expansion. Equivalent coloring (as of the time of this edit, 10/08/2016) has been experimentally determined to be in the A10 and A13 slots, as opposed to the previous A2 and A5 slots.

Destiny Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Vulcan Uniform Mock-ups[edit | edit source]