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Tribble Breeding Table[edit | edit source]

The following table allows you to quickly see which Tribbles need which foods to breed other Tribbles. You can sort the table based on any of the headings to more easily find the information you need.

Tribble Breeding
Food Item Fed to this Tribble Generates this Tribble
Aldebaran Whiskey Cavallaro Mattson
Aldebaran Whiskey DeAngelo Mattson
Aldebaran Whiskey Henry DeAngelo
Aldebaran Whiskey Rivera DeAngelo
Andorian Tuber Root Diversity Sparkes
Bajoran Deka Tea Diversity Dotson
Bajoran Hasperat Diversity Sparkes
Bajoran Kava Juice Diversity Dotson
Bajoran Mapa Bread Diversity Sparkes
Bajoran Moba Fruit Diversity Dotson
Banana Pancakes Diversity Sparkes
Banana Split Diversity Stahl
Betazoid Uttaberry Tuffli Henry
Betazoid Uttaberry Diversity Dotson
Blood Wine Henry DeAngelo
Blood Wine Rivera DeAngelo
Blood Wine Tuffli Henry
Cardassian Kanar Henry DeAngelo
Cardassian Kanar Rivera DeAngelo
Cardassian Kanar Tuffli Henry
Cardassian Kanar Diversity DeAngelo
Cardassian Taspar Egg Ricossa Daxter
Cardassian Yamok Sauce McCarry Howe
Cardassian Yamok Sauce Rivera Howe
Cardassian Yamok Sauce Tuffli McCarry
Cardassian Zabu Stew Tuffli Jasperson
Catfish Sandwich Diversity Sparkes
Chateau Picard Henry DeAngelo
Chateau Picard Rivera DeAngelo
Chateau Picard Tuffli Henry
Chateau Picard Diversity DeAngelo
Coffee Diversity Dotson
Comet Cocktail Diversity Triolic
Croissant Diversity Sparkes
Ferengi Jellied Gree-worm Tuffli Nix
Ferengi Snail Steak Tuffli McCarry
Ferengi Tube Grubs Tuffli McCarry
Flaked Blood Fleas Tuffli McCarry
Flaked Blood Fleas Diversity Dotson
Haggis Diversity Sparkes
Jumbo Romulan Mollusk Ricossa Griffis
Jumbo Romulan Mollusk Ricossa Howe
Jumbo Romulan Mollusk Stacy Ricossa
Ketracel White Diversity Gamma Quadrant Tribble
Ketracel White Jasperson Gamma Quadrant Tribble
Klingon Gagh Tuffli Nix
Klingon Gladst Nix Stacy
Klingon Gladst Ricossa Howe
Klingon Gladst Rivera Stacy
Klingon Gladst Stacy Ricossa
Klingon Grapok Sauce McCarry Howe
Klingon Grapok Sauce Rivera Howe
Klingon Grapok Sauce Tuffli McCarry
Klingon Heart of Targ Griffis Zinc
Klingon Octopus Nix Stacy
Klingon Octopus Ricossa Howe
Klingon Octopus Rivera Stacy
Klingon Octopus Stacy Ricossa
Klingon Racht Tuffli Nix
Klingon Racht Diversity Stahl
Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie Diversity Stahl
Livanian Beet Tuffli Henry
Livanian Beet Diversity Dotson
Quadrotriticale Daxter Harrington
Ratamba Stew Tuffli Jasperson
Romulan Ale Cavallaro Mattson
Romulan Ale Diversity Cavallaro
Romulan Ale DeAngelo Mattson
Romulan Ale Jasperson Cavallaro
Romulan Ale Mattson Highison
Romulan Ale Rivera Cavallaro
Romulan Kali-fal Nix Stacy
Romulan Kali-fal Rivera Stacy
Romulan Kali-fal Tuffli Jasperson
Romulan Osol Twist Velasquez Nielson
Saurian Brandy Cavallaro Mattson
Saurian Brandy DeAngelo Mattson
Saurian Brandy Henry DeAngelo
Saurian Brandy Rivera DeAngelo
Saurian Brandy Diversity DeAngelo
Slug-O-Cola Jasperson Cavallaro
Slug-O-Cola Rivera Cavallaro
Slug-O-Cola Tuffli Nix
Slug-O-Cola Diversity Cavallaro
Tranya Mattson Velasquez
Tranya Diversity Dotson
Trixian Bubble Juice Jasperson Cavallaro
Trixian Bubble Juice Rivera Cavallaro
Trixian Bubble Juice Tuffli Nix
Tulaberry Tuffli Henry
Tulaberry Wine Highison Yu
Tulaberry Wine Diversity Stahl
Vorta Q'lava Tuffli Henry
Vorta Q'lava Diversity Dotson
Vorta Rippleberry Tuffli Henry
Vulcan Plomeek Soup Tuffli Jasperson
Vulcan Spice Tea Nix Stacy
Vulcan Spice Tea Rivera Stacy
Vulcan Spice Tea Tuffli Jasperson