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There are hundreds of accolades for Federation (list) and Klingon (list) players and it may be confusing to know where are the optimal spots to obtain these. This guide will give tips and address how to win all of these, whether for trophies, player titles, innate bonuses, or just fun. The only exception are those accolades that have now been retired from the game.

Damage Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Damage Dealing Accolades
    • These can be obtained by setting your ship or bridge officers with the respective weapons. In particular, grenades, equipping captain and bridge officers with personal shields having the [PBKB] modifier, and using the [TR-116A Rifle] are an effective source of kinetic damage on ground.
  • Damage Receiving Accolades
    • These can be obtained from certain races that deal in the desired damage type. Additionally, while providing skill points at this time, Foundry missions do provide damage accolades.

Alternatively, private PvP matches with someone who will use the desired weapon type can get this very quickly.

Commendation[edit | edit source]

  • There are 11 categories for each faction and is a time-intensive series of obtaining 100,000 experience in each category. To maximize this commendation experience (CXP), it is advantageous to have lots of duty officers and higher quality duty officers (purple or blue are best). Manually selecting duty officers to maximize critical success chances (as the First Officer suggestions are based on regular success) as well as traveling across the galaxy to find high value missions will result in faster gain of experience points. Public channels in-game, such as doffjobs, can identify high-rarity missions and those that give high-rarity duty officers.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • The Borg Invasion accolades are simple enough to get, just time intensive. Join a channel like Redalert and go to the relevant sector. Having transwarps from either an Excelsior class ship, diplomacy bonuses, etc. can help. The named Borg command ships all appear at random. Killing the Borg probes is the fastest way to rack up a large amount of kills. It is sometimes possible to switch into an in-progress instance to continue getting more kills in that sector block. It may be easier to focus on one region of the galaxy at a time (e.g. Cardassian space) than trying to go to every available distress call.
  • The Borg Invasion of Defera has completion accolades for each of the four zones (City, Temple, Power Plant, and Probe) and for killing the 6 Elite Tactical Assimilated Gorn and 12 Borg bosses. By having only one teammate claiming the "hard" difficulty mission that these are on, you can have more opportunities in the event's time window to kill each of the bosses. The Gorn will randomly appear, but the Borg bosses (from the Power Plant hard mission) can be identified by entering "/target 1 of 12" and seeing if it identifies in that instance. If the desired Power Plant boss is not there, you can switch instances until found.
  • The “Fleet Alert” event added in Season Six has ten accolades associated with it. Nine of these are obtained by defeating each of a faction's named dreadnought bosses in the Siege Group. The last, "Siege Breaker", is obtained by defeating all named dreadnoughts from every faction.

Exploration[edit | edit source]

  • These can all be obtained by simply entering the respective sector block.

Exploration Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • These require certain missions to be completed in. If you missed the mission then you can retrieve it from the episode replay feature, accessible in your ship's Ready Room.
  • Dabo accolades are awarded for betting energy credits, winning dabos, and winning latinum (GPL). Prototype consoles do not count as winning GPL. There is no strategy except always betting with energy credits and betting the maximum 100 Energy credit icon.png on each of the three slots. The Loaded accolade (1 million Latinum at Dabo) will take considerable time to obtain. Please note that betting Latinum does not apply to the betting energy credits total.

Fleet Actions[edit | edit source]

  • On the Federation side, “Klingon Scout Force” and “The Big Dig” allow you to change instances to compete at a lower level. For Klingons tactical officers, Stealth Module is a major advantage, as there are generally far fewer players in the instance.
  • On the Federation side, “Starbase 24”, “Breaking the Planet”, and “DS9 under Siege!” allow you to enter at a lower level instance if you're teamed up with someone of the respective level. For Klingon tactical officers, Stealth Module is a major advantage in Breaking the Planet.
  • “Halting the Gorn Advance” and Fluidic Space Fleet Action can both be done by doing as much damage as possible (typically easier where there's a larger number of hit points), such as on cruisers or battleships). These can be done almost solo, but may require more time depending on the players present. Commanding an escort is a major advantage here.
  • “Crystalline Catastrophe” is the easiest fleet action (provided at least 3 or 4 people on your team have a high dps) a similar method of entering with a lower-level player and focusing fire on the Crystalline Entity, with Cannon: Scatter Volley to stop fragments from reaching ships. Details on how an armada of Klingon ships were able to take out a max-level Crystalline Entity with this tactic is with video here.

General Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Trace Tracker can be easily obtained by simply scanning anomalies. These do not need to be scanned to trigger the accolade, and thus can be obtained from other players via mail, the exchange, trading and passed to other characters.
  • Deferi Satellite Repairman can be completed by warping out of Deferi Outpost 3 before completing the mission. After 5 minutes, the mission will reset and re-entered, with further iterations as desired.
  • Healing General Accolades
    • These can be obtained by using healing effects (like Engineering Team) on damaged teammates.
  • Injury General Accolades
    • These can be obtained by setting the difficulty level to Advanced or Elite. Running into a mob without shields repeatedly can quickly accumulate injuries (they can be healed for free at certain starbases).
  • Trophy General Accolades
    • These can be obtained in conjunction with the Loaded (win 1 million GPL) accolade, with either more Dabo or selling prototype consoles to Ferengi Collectors for additional latinum.
  • Veteran Rewards General Accolades
    • These accolades are automatic upon paying for the game for the required time or becoming a Lifetime Subscriber.

Kill Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Breen Capital Punishment is obtained by killing all three Breen capital ships: Desna (Deferi Outpost 3), Snosk (Deferi Patrol), and Istapp (Kelvani Belt). Familiarize yourself with the flight paths in the linked articles and know that these ships will be distinct in appearance and appropriately labeled as their named Breen Capital Ship. This can most easily be accomplished by getting a group of people (either friends, fleetmates, etc) and to each separately check the particular locale. Enter the instance and check to see if it spawned, and if not wait, warp out and the instance will reset in 5 minutes (make sure you don't enter before then). Once it is found, that person can invite the other party members to team up for the kill. Everyone on that team will get credit if they're in the instance.
  • Operative is obtained by completing “Night of the Comet”.
  • For KDF players, Orions, Nausicaans, and Gorn can be killed in the Warriors Hall off of First City. The fastest method is to have a new KDF character initiate fights in the arena but not attack, while having your character follow said new character and have auto-attack on with a melee weapon. Change instances as necessary.
  • Most kills can be farmed naturally through Foundry missions; however, a faction cannot fight against themselves. For example, Federation players can farm Gorn, Klingon, and Reman kills through missions but not Federation kills. The KDF cannot farm Orion, Nausicaan, Gorn, Klingon, or Rebel Klingon kills in the Foundry at this time.

Below is a list of the missions viewed as easiest to pick up large numbers of kills. This may be based on availability, level difficulty, or repeatability. If you no longer have the mission, it can be shared by another player who does have it. The subsection of each relevant mission is identified, if known.

When ever the "Arena Of Sompek" roles around it is a good way to get many kill accolades as the enemy types vary.

Additionally, while not providing skill points at this time, Foundry missions do provide kill and damage accolades. Foundry missions do scale with level, while many of these listed missions do not, and so this current list may provide additional sources of easy kills.

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Federation space Federation ground Klingon space Klingon ground
Beast Not available New Romulus (Vastam Peaks), Nimbus Not available New Romulus (Vastam Peaks), Nimbus
Borg Deep Space encounters. Defera invasion zone “Rebooting the Borg Presence” Deep Space encounters. Defera Invasion zone
Breen “Cold Call” (On the Defensive)[1][2] “Cold Call” (Unwelcome Visitors) or Outpost 3 (transphasic mines) “Cold Call” (On the Defensive)[1][2] “Cold Call” (Unwelcome Visitors) or Outpost 3 (transphasic mines)[2]
Cardassian/Dominion Foundry "Second Wave" "Boldly they rode" “Clearing out the Cardassian Union” Same as FED. “Skirmish” (Chasing Shadows)
Devidian Not available “Night of the Comet” (Reliving the Past)[2] Not available “Night of the Comet” (Reliving the Past)[2]
Federation Foundry “Empire Defense Against Federation Spies” “Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning” (Out DeWitting the Enemy)
Fek'Ihri Foundry “Doomed to Repeat” “Afterlife” (Assault on Boreth)[1] “Afterlife” (Sacred) or “Doomed to Repeat”
Gorn “Halting the Gorn Advance” (Gorn Minefield Fleet Action) “Researcher Rescue” (Into the Fire/Ancient Claims) “Tau Dewa Sector Patrol (Daily)” (Gamma Eridon System) "Gorn Canyon on Nimbus III" “A Fistful of Gorn”
Hirogen Foundry Foundry Psi Velorum Deep Space Encounters “Alpha”
Klingon “Slowing the Expeditionary Force” (Klingon Scout Force Fleet Action) “Breaking the Planet” “The House Always Wins” “The House Always Wins”
Rebel Klingon Patrol Beta Thoridor System (Tau Dewa sector block) “The Undying” (only one) Patrol Beta Thoridor System (Tau Dewa sector block) The Undying (only one)
Nausicaan Patrol Japori system (Tau Dewa sector block) Foundry “Alpha”, PAtrol Japori system (Tau Dewa sector block) Foundry
Orion “Stranded In Space” (Act of Defiance I)[2] or “Under the Cover of Night” (Den of Thieves) “Mine Enemy” (Tracking the Target) or “The Undying” (Cleaning House) or “Romulan Warhouse” (30 Kills)
Reman Foundry “Ground Zero” (Moon Patrol) or “The Big Dig” Alpha Centauri Deep Space Encounters “Frozen” or “The Big Dig”
Romulan “The Big Dig” “Empire Defense Against Romulan Encroachment” “Mine Enemy” or “The Big Dig”
Species M-113 Foundry only --------- -------------- --------------------- ------------------>
Terran Empire “Mirror Universe Incursion” Event/ Badlands Battlezone Foundry Beta Ursae Deep Space Encounters Badlands Battlezone
Undine “Fluid Dynamics” (The Rift) “Undine Infiltration” (The Rift) “Undine Infiltration”
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Boss ship spawns unlimited small ships
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Mission Scales with level

PvP Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Federation and Klingon kills can be obtained in private matches with a friend or group. Autofire and the removal of shields and armor can reduce the time to complete.
  • Daily accolades will take a considerable time to complete because of the mission give rate. Private instances of arenas, assaults, and capture and hold maps will count and can be done much faster than public games. There is a new roll for PvP daily on a global timer of 12:00 UTC, allowing up to 2 dailies to be performed per day if the previous day was not the same mission.

Story Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Exploration Story Accolades
    • These are some of the most time-consuming missions in the game. The best tip is to be on normal difficulty and avoid missions that are heavy in combat. The B'Tran Cluster / Azlesa Expanse and daily B'Tran Cluster / Azlesa Expanse accolades can be done simultaneously.
    • KDF exploration can be done without cooldowns due to each cluster having two ranks associated with it. Only in Azlesa Expanse are there two distinct types (a regular and elite, or Lt. General, version).
  • Defense Story Accolades
    • These are some of the most time-consuming missions in the game. Changing instances during cooldowns allows the set of three to be completed faster. Enemy Signal Contacts will not engage you if you are more than 5 levels above them, but if using squad support with a low-level teammate then they will target you.
    • Victorious / Can't Be Beaten / Legendary. In all sector blocks except Gamma Orionis, flagships appear after the required number of squadrons have been destroyed. The flagship and its four escorts (all of which can count as flagship kills) will disappear once the instance resets. There are usually more engaged Deep Space Encounters and lower level enemies in Sirius and Regulus. Klingons are advised to get flagship kills in Alpha Centauri, as in Gamma Orionis the Borg flagships (a Cube and four Spheres) are on a 30 minute timer, only appearing during the reset time.
  • Tour of Duty Story Accolades
    • These are awarded upon completion of the mission.
  • Klingon Front Story Accolades
    • These are awarded upon completion of the missions. Above and Beyond requires completing all optional objectives.
  • Romulan Front Story Accolades
    • These are awarded upon completion of the missions.
  • Cardassian Front Story Accolades
    • True Intentions can only be obtained from “Defense Contract” (discarding and retrieving the [Computer Core Fragment]s, will grant the desired number for the accolade. Afterwards, additional ones can be obtained by not destroying the last ship, warping out, and waiting five minutes for the mission to reset, and iterating this process will grant the desired number of [Computer Core Fragment]s.
    • The rest of these are awarded upon completion of the missions.
  • Borg Front Story Accolades
    • These are awarded upon completion of the missions.
  • Undine Front Story Accolades
    • These are awarded upon completion of the missions.
  • Breen Front Story Accolades
  • Klingon Sector Story Accolades

Special Task Force (STF)[edit | edit source]

  • There are accolades for doing all the STFs numerous times (100 for missions “Infected”, “The Cure”, “Khitomer Accord” and 300 total), though the difficulty (normal or elite) and type (ground or space) does not matter. Pre-made teams tend to finish STFs faster and with higher success than pick-up groups formed from the PvE Queues.
  • There are accolades for obtaining the faction-specific and neutral ground sets at the Mk X, XI, and XII levels. Completing a higher mark set will finish the accolades for all lower Mark sets. A player may purchase the sets from the Task Force Omega Reputation System.
  • There are accolades for completing all the optional objectives in the ground and space STFs. See the walkthroughs for the respective mission, for strategy. Most of the elite STF optionals and many of the normal STF optionals are recommended to be done with a pre-made group. There are channels that have an emphasis on finding other teammates who are STF veterans.

Tour of Duty[edit | edit source]

  • These are obtained by spending the necessary skill points.