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Guardian of Forever

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The Guardian of Forever in the Gateway system

The Guardian of Forever is a construct of an unknown, ancient alien race, that functions as a time portal. It can be found on Gateway in the Gateway System.

Missions encountered[edit | edit source]

  • “City on the Edge of Never”: Ambassador B'vat forces Miral Paris to travel with him through the Guardian. When questioned by the player, the Guardian states that unless Paris is rescued, the timeline will be radically changed. During the Delta Recruitment Event, the Guardian provides Delta Recruits with information on the Iconians. It describes them as "the first of the Children," and tells the player that they are powerful, terrible, wise, selfish, wrathful, and proud. It goes on to state that the Iconians never used the Guardian to travel through time, as the manipulation of time is "beyond their capacities."
  • “Past Imperfect”: The player steps through the Guardian to travel to the past and rescue Miral Paris.

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