Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - Khellid Companion

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Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - Khellid Companion icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - Khellid Companion
Uncommon Inventory

Contains a random breed of Khellid Companion.

Right Click and Use this item to Unpack. Once Unpacked, you cannot trade your Pet[sic]. You may only own one of these pets at a time, so if you already own one, you will not bet ablte to unpack this item.
Value: 30 Lobi Crystal icon.png

A Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - Khellid Companion is an uncommon non-combat pet pack. When opening it you will receive one of 16 random Khellid Companions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Non-combat pet. The breeder supplying this vendor with Khellid Insects has not seen fit to mark the crates externally with an indication of the specific breed kept in stasis within. It could be from a number of different breeds.

Mostly harmless and placid insects, Khellids are kept as worker animals by some Romulan agricultural colonies. They produce a form of honeyed nectar that can be used in food products or distilled. Khellid nectar is an essential ingredient for some variations of Romulan ale.

Khellid hives can be massive, and some of the largest colonies are home to more than 200,000 insects. Khellids tend to build their hive structures inside caves or underground caverns, and they will defend their hives fiercely if the queen is threatened. Khellid keepers wear protective gear when approaching an active hive.