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Graviton Deflector Array

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Graviton Deflector Array
Common Ship Deflector Dish
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+__ Starship Control Expertise



Value: ___
"___" is not a number.
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Graviton Deflector Array icon.png
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The Graviton Deflector Array is a type of Deflector Dish that gives a boost to the Control Expertise

Info This deflector improves Science skills (short description) :

  • Improves your Starship abilities to either push, pull, hold or slow an object.
  • Improves the duration of your Disable enemy' systems.
  • Improves the duration of Confuse-(enemy ship fire a random target, friend or foe) or Placate-(enemy ships unable to fire at you and see you as friend)

This item is very useful if you're using one or more abilities types such as:

  • Gravity Well, Photonic Shockwave, Tractor Beams (the effect not defense against tractors,for defense see Neutrino Deflector)
  • Push or knock backs or shutdown system from tricobalt or viral matrix , photonic shockwave
  • Jam Sensors , Scramble Sensors , Confuse , Placate
  • Tip Very useful in PvP if you are using often confusing debuffs or in PvE if you are using Gravity Well,Tricobalt Devices,Viral Matrix.

This item is supposed to be the (attack version) opposite of the Neutrino Deflector

Deflector Dish modifiers[edit source]

Deflector Dishes may have additional modifiers that boost various skills. The amount the skill is boosted at a given Mk level is equal to half the amount a deflector's innate skills get at that Mk level. It is possible for a Deflector to have the same modifier more than once. The following are examples of Deflector modifiers:

Modifier Effect
[CtrlX][mods 1] +X Starship Control Expertise
[DrainX] +X Starship Drain Expertise
[Em] +X Starship Shield Restoration
[EPG] +X Starship Exotic Particle Generator
[HullCap] +X Starship Hull Capacity
[ShCap] +X Starship Shield Capacity
Crafted Deflectors only
[CdrD] Reduces cooldown of Exotic Damage Science skills by 10%.
[CdrS] Reduces cooldown of Support Science skills by 10%.
Fleet Deflector Arrays only [mods 2]
[EPS] +X Starship Electro-Plasma System Flow
[WepAcc] +X Starship Weapon Accuracy
[DefMan] +X Starship Defensive Maneuvering
Special Deflectors only (Fleet, Mission, Reputation)
[AuxPwr] +2 Auxiliary Power
[HullHeal] +X Starship Hull Restoration
[HullReg] +X Starship Hull Regeneration
[SciCD] +50 Scientific Readiness
[Stealth] +X Starship Stealth
All Epic Deflectors
[Sh/HullCap] +X Starship Shield Capacity
+X Starship Hull Capacity
Removed modifiers [mods 3][mods 4]
[PvP Dmg] 3 Bonus Damage vs. other players.
[PvP Res] 8 Bonus Resistance Rating vs. other players.
Mark level of item X[1]
Mk I 1.9
Mk II 2.5
Mk III 3.1
Mk IV 3.75
Mk V 4.4
Mk VI 5
Mk VII 5.6
Mk VIII 6.25
Mk IX 6.9
Mk X 7.5
Mk XI 8.1
Mk XII 8.75
Mk XIII 9.4
Mk XIV 10
  1. X = (Mk + 2) * 0.625

  1. Sometimes appears as [Ins], including both on the same item, eg. [CtrlX] [Ins], [CtrlX]x2 [Ins], [CtrlX] [DrainX] [HullCap] [Ins], or [CtrlX] [Ins]x2
  2. Sometimes these stats are integrated into other special deflectors, including Elite Fleet Deflectors themselves.
  3. "It is no longer possible for crafted Deflectors ... to gain the [PvP Res and [PvP Dmg] attachments. "]
  4. "Resolved an issue that was allowing [PvP Res and [PvP Dmg] mods to still appear on crafted Deflector Dishes."]

Uncommon deflectors will have one modifier, Rare will have two, and Very Rare will have three, Ultra Rare will have four. All Epic Deflectors have [Sh/HullCap] as their fifth modifier. The [CtrlX] modifier seems to have the highest chance of appearing multiple times on a given deflector.

The sum between X modifier value and the same basic deflector stat will be rounded. For example, a [Neutrino Deflector Array Mk V [CtrlX]] will display +13 Starship Control Expertise instead of +13.2.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Skill bonuses are given for common items only.

Rank Mark Starship
Graviton Generators
Subspace Decompiler
Countermeasure Systems
Values (Energy credit icon.png)
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
None I 3.8 3.8 3.8 2,500 3,325
II 5 5 5 5,000 6,650 8,300
Lt. Cmdr. III 6.2 6.2 6.2 10,000 13,300 16,600
IV 7.5 7.5 7.5 15,000 19,950 24,900 30,000
Commander V 8.8 8.8 8.8 20,000 26,600 33,200 40,000
VI 10 10 10 25,000 33,250 41,500 50,000
Captain VII 11 11 11 30,000 39,900 49,800 60,000
VIII 12 12 12 35,000 46,550 58,100 70,000
Lower Half
Rear Admiral
Upper Half
IX 14 14 14 40,000 53,200 66,400 80,000
X 15 15 15 45,000 59,850 74,700 90,000
XI 16 16 16 50,000 66,500 83,000 100,000
XII 18 18 18 55,000 73,150 91,300 110,000

Other Deflector Dishes[edit | edit source]

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