Goralis System

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CardassianGoralis System
Goralis System.jpg
Alpha Quadrant
Goralis III

Goralis Sector Map.png

The Goralis System is a system located in the Cardassia Sector of the Alpha Quadrant.

System Description[edit | edit source]

The Goralis system was first colonized by the Cardassian Union in 2287. There are now more than 700,000 residents on Goralis III, most concentrated in the desert regions of the western landmass. The Federation has been assisting the colonists of Goralis III to expand their settlements and re-establish industry and agriculture on the planet.

Missions formerly involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Seeds of Dissent”: The Goralis III colony's water table has become contaminated, and the colony requests Federation aid. The player brings the colony water purifiers from Deep Space 9, and comes into conflict with the True Way upon arriving at Goralis.