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TzenkethiGon'Cra System
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Gon'Cra Sector
Alpha Quadrant

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The Gon'Cra System (aka Tzenkethi Battlezone) is a space adventure zone located in the Gon'Cra Sector, on the edge of the explored space. Tzenkethi forces have set up new mining and construction operations in the orbit of Gon'Cra II, tasked with harvesting raw materials and turning them into weaponry.

Battlezone[edit | edit source]

General information[edit | edit source]

General Rodek explains the main goal in the Tzenkethi Battlezone.

Welcome to Gon'Cra.
The Tzenkethi are operating in multiple locations within the system. Command has identified three enemy operations within these areas.
We need to regain control of each area. Review the briefings I have made for you to gain a better grasp of the challanges at hand.
Tzenkethi Battlezone

Open Missions[edit | edit source]

Available to players once they reach Level 60, the Tzenkethi Battlezone is divided into nine areas. Players are tasked with setting up blockades and countering the Tzenkethi construction projects by destroying their research data and denying them assets for their war machines. Efforts in the Battlezone are coordinated by the I.K.S. Kor.

There are three types of points which can be captured to advance the Battlezone Ally Control meter:

Tug of War (Asteroid Tow)[edit | edit source]

  • Defeat any active enemy units in the area and keep the Tzenkethi from pushing any more asteroids into the launch coils they've built. Send asteroids on the collision course with the local sun to keep them out of Tzenkethi hands.

King of the Hill[edit | edit source]

  • Defeat enemy forces near the array and take control of the area. You'll gain control over time by keeping the Tzenkethi from getting their ships into the command area. If they overwhelm you, they'll retake the array.
  • When an enemy vessel is defeated, there may be a short window of opportunity to steal computer data from it before it goes critical. This data will help with capturing the array.
  • The array has been captured if 70% or more of the array is controlled when the time runs out.

Blockade[edit | edit source]

  • Defeat enemy forces occupying the area and enable the blockade arrays. Once the arrays are online, Tzenkethi will send vessels which will attempt to shut them down.
  • The area is secured if at least one blockade array is online when time runs out. Allied forces will then move in and hold the warp field disruption blockade in place.

Once all nine points have been captured, the Alliance turns its attention to three Coalition Dreadnoughts protected by metaphasic shielding: Kan'Keli, Tak'Terak and Tzen'Korath.

Tzenkethi Dreadnoughts[edit | edit source]

  • Each Tzenkethi Dreadnought is protected by a metaphasic shielding generated by a large shield generator. Players need to tow four Shield Interlocks connected to the shield generator into place to disable the whole structure. Tzenkethi forces will try to prevent players from disabling the shield by reconnecting the satellites. Once all four satellites have been disabled, the metaphasic shield will be disabled and players will be able to complete their objective - attack and destroy the Tzen'tar Dreadnought.

If all three Dreadnoughts have been destroyed, the Alliance will take control of the system and the Coalition will be forced to retreat, giving players two minutes to prepare for the next round.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

For each captured point, the highest reward players can receive is 10 Lukari Mark icon.png + 60 Dilithium Ore icon.png.

Based on how many Tzen'tar Dreadnoughts are defeated, completing the Battlezone will reward the following:

  • With one dreadnought defeated, at least:
    • Protomatter Microcontainer icon.png 1 Protomatter Microcontainer
    • Lukari Mark icon.png 5 Lukari Restoration Initiative Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon.png 60 Dilithium Ore
  • With two dreadnoughts defeated, at least:
    • Protomatter Microcontainer icon.png 2 Protomatter Microcontainers
    • Lukari Mark icon.png 10 Lukari Restoration Initiative Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon.png 120 Dilithium Ore
  • With three dreadnoughts defeated, at least:
    • Protomatter Microcontainer icon.png 3 Protomatter Microcontainers
    • Lukari Mark icon.png 15 Lukari Restoration Initiative Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon.png 240 Dilithium Ore

A bonus will be added to the final objective reward based upon the number of points player captured. The point capture credit is stored until the player completes the Battlezone, and then it is reset.

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Following accolades can be obtained in Tzenkethi Battlezone:

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