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Geneva Science Command Battlecruiser

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the playable starship. For the NPC vessel, see Federation Battlecruiser.
Faction FED25.pngGeneva Science Command Battlecruiser
Rank background icon.png
Lieutenant Rank icon (Federation).png
Battle Cruiser
Lvl 50: 47438
Lvl 55: 51219
Lvl 60: 55000
Lvl 65: 61875
Hull modifier:
Shield modifier:
Turn rate:
Impulse modifier:
Inertia rating:
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+10 engine power
Bridge Officers:
Lieutenant Tactical-Command Commander Engineering-Command Lieutenant Engineering Lieutenant Commander Science Lieutenant Universal
Fore 4 Aft 4
Can equip dual cannons.
Device slots:
Console tac icon.png 3 Console eng icon.png 4 Console sci icon.png 4
Hangar Bays:
3,000Zen small icon.png
Admiralty stats:
Adm eng fed.png 73 Adm tac fed.png 20 Adm sci fed.png 24

The Geneva-class Science Command Battlecruiser is a Tier 6 Battle Cruiser which may be flown by Starfleet characters, including Federation-aligned Romulan Republic and Dominion characters. This starship can be used from any level upon completion of the tutorial experience. As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console slots.

Players can obtain this starship from the Zen Store for 3,000 Zen small icon.png under the name Science Command Battlecruiser - Geneva Class. This ship can be purchased individually, or as part of the Command Starfleet Battlecruiser Bundle [T6] for 6,000 Zen small icon.png. It is also available as part of the following: Command Battlecruiser Mega Bundle [T6] for 12,000 Zen small icon.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This Tier 6 starship is a science centric variant of the Command Battlecruiser. It features more science console slots and science bridge officer seats than the other Command Battlecruiser variants. They have been known to serve as hospital ships in emergency or deep space situations, especially during the Iconian War.

This vessel comes with the Geneva-class costume. It can utilize the Command bridge officer powers and other abilities described below.

Class variants[edit | edit source]

Class Information
Concorde-class is an engineering centric variant of the Command Battlecruiser. It features more engineering console slots and engineering bridge officer seats than the other Command Battlecruiser variants. The Concorde class skin is unlocked with the purchase of the Concorde Command Battlecruiser for 3000 Zen small icon.png.
Presidio-class is a tactical centric variant of the Command Battlecruiser. It features more tactical console slots and tactical bridge officer seats than the other Command Battlecruiser variants. The Presidio class skin is unlocked with the purchase of the Presidio Command Battlecruiser for 3000 Zen small icon.png.

Starship Mastery[edit | edit source]

Starship Mastery
Absorptive Hull Plating
Absorptive Hull Plating
Absorptive Hull Plating
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Hull Plating
Enhanced Hull Plating
Enhanced Hull Plating
Armored Hull
Armored Hull
Armored Hull
Improved Tachyon BeamImproved Tachyon BeamImproved Tachyon Beam
Level Name Description
I Absorptive Hull Plating +25 Physical Damage Resistance Rating.
+25 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating.
II Enhanced Weapon Banks +15% Critical Severity.
III Enhanced Hull Plating +25 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating.
+25 Radiation Damage Resistance Rating.
IV Armored Hull +10% Hull Hitpoints.
V Improved Tachyon Beam Tachyon Beam Regenerates Ally Shields.
  • +4,518 Shield Regeneration on first pulse of Tachyon Beam up to 20 allies within 10km.
VI Account-Wide Reclaim Unlock Complete this tier of Starship Mastery to be allowed to claim this starship on any character on this account.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Universal consoles[edit | edit source]

This ship comes equipped with the Tachyon Pulse Platform universal console, which is part of the Command Platforms Set. Other consoles from this set can be equipped for set bonuses and additional abilities.

Cruiser commands[edit | edit source]

Geneva Command Battlecruiser supports the following cruiser commands:

Hangar bay[edit | edit source]

This starship has a single hangar bay equipped with Type 8 Shuttles. These shuttles are armed with Phaser Beam Arrays.

Carrier commands[edit source]

Inspiration Abilities

The Geneva Science Command Battlecruiser features special Inspiration Abilities. Every time one of the team members activates a bridge officer ability, player gains an Inspiration point. When the player's Inspiration meter is full, the following abilities become available:

Specialization seating[edit | edit source]

The Geneva Command Battlecruiser features two specialist bridge officer seats:

  • Commander Engineering-Command Commander Engineering-Command
  • Lieutenant Tactical-Command Lieutenant Tactical-Command

Standard configuration[edit | edit source]

Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

Scaling starship

This starship's equipment slots, base hull capacity and shield capacity scale as your level increases.

Equipment slots[edit source]

As you rank up every 10 levels, up to level 40, the ship's forward weapon slots, aft weapon slots, tactical console slots, engineering console slots, and science console slots will slowly increase toward endgame capabilities:

Level Console tac icon.png Console eng icon.png Console sci icon.png Fore weapons Aft weapons
0-9 1 2 2 2 2
10-19 2 2 2 3 2
20-29 2 3 3 3 3
30-39 3 3 3 4 4
40+ 3 4 4

Hull strength[edit source]

This table shows how the ship's hull strength scales at each level. The base hull of all scaling starships is 10,000, which is then multiplied by the ship's hull modifier (1.375 for the Geneva Science Command Battlecruiser), and then multiplied by the scaling multiplier below at each level.

Hull scaling table
Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP
0 1 13750 20 2 27500 40 3 41250 60 4 55000
5 1.25 17188 25 2.25 30938 45 3.25 44688 65 4.5 61875
10 1.5 20625 30 2.5 34375 50 3.45 47438
15 1.75 24063 35 2.75 37813 55 3.725 51219

Admiralty ship[edit | edit source]

Admiralty Ship
Shipshot Background Admiralty.png
Shipshot Battlecruiser Com Fed Sci T6.png
Shipshot Frame Engineering.png
Shipshot Frame Veryrare.png
Adm eng fed.png 73 Adm tac fed.png 20 Adm sci fed.png 24
+35 SCI when Alone

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Notes[edit | edit source]

A minor bug exists where in the C-Store the Geneva's final mastery trait is listed as "Improved Tachyon Pulse" rather than "beam". This may lead to some confusion as you would be looking for an ability that doesn't exist.