Genetic Resequencer Pack - Ground Trait (Profession-Specific)

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Genetic Resequencer Pack - Ground Trait (Profession-Specific) icon.png
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Genetic Resequencer Pack - Ground Trait (Profession-Specific)
Very Rare Inventory
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

This item will allow one character to unlock an additional Trait. You may only use each Genetic Resequencer a single time per character.
Right Click this item for complete details on the Trait this item will unlock.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Contained with this package is a Genetic Resequencer, capable of unlocking additional Trait potential on a single character. Once opened, the Trait will be automatically added to the available Trait list of the character that opens the box. It cannot be traded to other characters, once opened.

The resequencer may only be unlocked once per character, and will unlock a Trait that is specific to your profession.

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Orbital Devastation - Ground Trait

You have mastered coordination between ground and space targeting parameters allows you to utilize adaptive targeting algorithms when striking from orbit.

  • Your Orbital Strike is replaced with Orbital Chasing Beam. Orbital Chasing Beam will follow nearby enemies a few seconds after striking, and deal periodic continuous damage instead of being a single instant strike.

Science[edit | edit source]

Subspace Manipulator - Ground Trait

Your expert knowledge of localized subspace manipulation allows you to enhance your Dampening Field with additional debilitating effects.

  • Your Dampening Field inflicts the following additional effects on enemies within its radius:
  • Decreased Run Speed
  • Decreased Perception

Tactical[edit | edit source]

Tactical Vigilance - Ground Trait

Your heightened sense of tactics allows you to convey additional positioning benefits upon yourself and your entire team.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]