Genetic Resequencer - Space Trait: Expedient Repairs

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Genetic Resequencer - Space Trait - Expedient Repairs icon.png
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Genetic Resequencer - Space Trait: Expedient Repairs
Very Rare Inventory

This item will allow one character to unlock an additional Trait. You may only use each Genetic Resequencer a single time per character.

* Right Click this item for complete details on the Trait this item will unlock.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Contained with this package is a Genetic Resequencer, capable of unlocking additional Trait potential on a single character. Once opened, the Trait will be automatically added to the available Trait list of the character that opens the box.

This resequencer will unlock the following Trait:

Expedient Repairs - Space Trait

Your repairs expertise allows you to briefly improve the performance of allied starships that you help to restore. Additionally, when restoring an ally other than yourself, all of your Hull and Shield Healing abilities will recharge more quickly.

  • To Healed Ally: Increased All Damage Resistance Rating
  • To Healed Ally: Increased Damage
  • To Self: Reduce recharge timers on Shield and Hull Healing abilities.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

[Genetic Resequencer - Space Trait: Expedient Repairs] is a possible reward from the Kelvin Timeline Lock Box icon.pngCommon icon.png [Kelvin Timeline Lock Box]. It grants a space trait which becomes bound to the character that unpacked it. Genetic Resequencer is not bound, allowing the item to be mailed, traded or sold on the exchange under Reward Packs category.