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Gamma Quadrant (episode arc)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the episode arc. For the playable area, see Gamma Quadrant.

The Gamma Quadrant story arc is a chain of cross-faction missions available to all factions. In it, players join the Dominion war effort against the Hur'q.

List of missions[edit | edit source]

Story Missions
Level Episode # Name Giver Release Date
60 1 “Storm Clouds Gather” Jorel Quinn / J'mpok / D'Tan / Odo June 5, 2018
60 2 “Armistice” Kira Nerys June 5, 2018
60 3 “The Search” Elim Garak / Dukan'Rex June 5, 2018
60 4 “Doomed to Repeat” Elim Garak / Dukan'Rex June 5, 2018
60 5 “Quark's Lucky Seven” Nog June 5, 2018
60 6 “Tenebris Torquent” Elim Garak June 5, 2018
60 7 “Home” Odo June 28, 2018
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