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Gamma Quadrant

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The Wadi aren't any trouble once you learn the rules of that crazy game, the Dosi are too scared of the Karemma to be a real challenge and everyone else is either running from the Dominion or part of it. - Farek
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The Gamma Quadrant is one of 4 quadrants in the Milky Way. It is home to the Dominion and accessible to the Alpha Quadrant via the Bajoran wormhole. The Dominion is the only known major power in the region.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

New Khitomer
The Idran System

The Gamma Quadrant is dominated by the Dominion and its subject species. Exploration has taken place around the Idran end of the Bajoran wormhole but is not as extensive as other quadrants.

Location Sector Services
Dosi System Mission Only Home system of the Dosi
Idran System Mission Only The Gamma Quadrant end of the Bajoran wormhole
New Khitomer Mission Only This world in the 28th century is a key world to the Galactic Union and allied temporal activities.
Vandros IV Mission Only Site of an Iconian gateway

Playable Area[edit | edit source]

Since the Delta Rising expansion, it became the only quadrant of the Milky Way that cannot be visited outside of a specific mission. However it has been confirmed that the Gamma Quadrant will become playable, like the other quadrants, with the DS9-themed expansion due in the summer of 2018.[1][2]

It can however currently be visited by the player in the following missions;

It is also mentioned in the following;

It was previously mentioned in the following;

Factions and Homeworlds[edit | edit source]

Portrait Homeworld Species Faction
Changeling Founders' Homeworld Changeling (Founder) Dominion
Dosi Dosi, Dosi System Dosi Dominion
Hunter Hunter
Jem'Hadar n/a Jem'Hadar Dominion
Karemma Karemma, Karemma System Karemma Dominion
Paradan Parada, Parada System Paradan
Swarmer Idran System Idran Swarmer Wildlife
Tosk Tosk
Eraun Kurill Prime, Kurill System Vorta Dominion
Wadi Wadi

The Gamma Quadrant is also the home quadrant of the Hur'q, who are believed to have been extinct for several centuries.

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