Gamma Eridon System

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Romulan RepublicGamma Eridon System
Gamma Eridon System.png
H'atoria Sector
Beta Quadrant

Gamma Eridon Sector Map.png

The Gamma Eridon System is a system located in the H'atoria Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[edit | edit source]

A binary star system with twin M-class stars, the Gamma Eridon system has no inhabitable planets. Deposits of topaline and dilithium have been found on Gamma Eridon II, and Reman miners have been dispatched to the system to investigate whether large-scale mining operations are economically feasible.

In 2368, a Federation fleet blockading Romulan space during the Klingon Civil War retreated to this system after their tachyon detection grid failed.

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