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Available to players who pay 400 Zen small icon.png to Cryptic in the Cryptic Store, the Galaxy pack of bridges bear an uncanny resemblance to the free Cruiser Bridges accessible to all players flying a Cruiser, Advanced Research Science Vessel or Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit, sharing the same lay-out and overall dimensions.

Galaxy bridges feature nine of the player's Bridge Officers, and no Master Systems Display. They may be installed on any class of ship.

Order[edit | edit source]

The Order bridge is the closest one can get in Star Trek Online to the bridge of the Enterprise-D (as it was depicted in Star Trek: Generations) in Star Trek Online (from a layout standpoint; the Prototype is slightly closer in terms of color but the layout is different).

Aft View
The classic view of the bridge from the viewscreen.
Fore View Command Crew
Facing forward on the Order bridge from the aft console. A top-down view of the Command Crew on an Order bridge.

Justice[edit | edit source]

Over Console
The forward-looking view over the Tactical Console on the Justice bridge.
Justice Center Console.jpg Justice Port Console.jpg
The reinforced Tactical Console on the Justice bridge and the command consoles. The view of the crewperson at the Port Console on the Justice bridge.

Triumph[edit | edit source]

Triumph Onscreen.jpg
The view from the viewscreen of the Triumph bridge, looking back.
Triumph Viewscreen.jpg Triumph Alcove.jpg
Showing off the vertical dip forward on the Triumph bridge. The Triumph bridge has alcoves around all its exits.