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QFrigid Snow Monstrosity
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Q's Winter Wonderland

The Frigid Snow Monstrosity is an enemy NPC found in Q's Winter Wonderland's “Tide of Ice” event. These are one of the four types of Snow Monstrosity faced by players in the Tide of Ice event at the top of every hour, alongside the Airborne Snow Monstrosity, Guardian Snow Monstrosity, and Bursting Snow Monstrosity variants.

The Frigid Snow Monstrosity will appear in Waves Four and Eight, is accompanied by Assimilated Snowman, and will generate a freezing AoE attack that coats the player in frost and slows their movement. (Targeting and looking is not affected by this.)

Missions Encountered[edit | edit source]

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • These enemies are easily dispatched using the secondary fire of most snow weapons. ["Hail"] and ["Flurry"] have been used with high success for this role, especially when fired from the bridges. However, the secondary attack of ["The Snowblower"] can also take out the Monstrosity and the Assimilated Snowmen under its protection.
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