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Faction KDF.png Wa'vatlhDIch (The Hundredth)
Designed by:
March 28, 2017
Starts at:
Turei System

"Wa'vatlhDIch (The Hundredth)" (may also be called simply "Wa'vatlhDIch"; mission ID: ST-HTFTRZ07Z) is a standalone Foundry mission for Klingon Defense Force characters. (There is also a version for Starfleet characters, titled simply "The Hundredth"; aside from some dialogue differences throughout, the two versions are essentially identical. Both are also suitable for allied Romulan Republic characters.)

As of 26 January 2018, both the Starfleet and KDF versions of "Wa'vatlhDIch" are Foundry Spotlight missions, the first by their author to have that honor bestowed upon them by Cryptic Studios. They are also the first STO Foundry missions set in the Delta Quadrant to be spotlighted by Cryptic.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Historical context[edit | edit source]

This mission takes place in the year 2410, between the Cryptic-authored story arcs Future Proof and New Frontiers.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

The player is contacted by Lt. Cmdr. Kyla VanZyl from the Delta Quadrant. On behalf of Rear Admiral Tuvok, she asks the player to investigate a disturbing incident reported by the Turei. One of their patrol craft encountered a large fleet of unidentified warships passing through the Underspace without authorization. Being in no position to challenge such a mighty force, the patrol craft instead discreetly followed them through the subspace tunnel network to determine their destination, which turned out to be the Kemari system, near an Underspace terminus 93 light years from Turei. Their purpose is unknown, but apparently has something to do with the "Gamechanger", a mysterious and highly prized creature being hunted by the Hirogen in that region of space.

The player's ship is confronted by Hirogen almost immediately upon her arrival in the Kemari system - but then, almost as suddenly, unexpected assistance arrives in the form of a small fleet of Dominion warships, which turn out to be part of a much larger task force sent in search of a lost Founder - one of the so-called Hundred Changelings scattered across the galaxy from the Founders' then-homeworld centuries earlier - whom the player quickly realizes must be the "Gamechanger".

According to the Vorta mission commander Eraun, this Founder's travel pod had found its way into an Underspace terminus in Gamma Quadrant and drifted through the network before emerging in the Kemari system, but had already left long before the task force arrived. Hoping to get the Dominion on their way home without causing any more trouble in Delta Quadrant, the player agrees to assist in the Dominion's search. Eraun transfers to a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship to shadow the player's ship while the Jem'Hadar's primary handler Loriss takes the rest of the fleet to resume the search elsewhere.

The player's first destination is Prelnar V, a planet the Voth have been stripping bare for some unspecified scientific research, and the Changeling's last known location according to Eraun. The player's team transports to the surface and meets with the ranking Jem'Hadar officer, First Jikar'iklan, to develop a mission plan: The Jem'Hadar will scout ahead and engage any Voth they encounter while the player scans various locations in the area for Changeling lifesigns. Eventually the player's team does locate the apparent source of the lifesigns, but it is merely residual; the Changeling has already been here and gone. A group of Hirogen hunters is here, however, and some of them attack the player while others engage the Voth and the Jem'Hadar. The player must return to the beam-down coordinates and defeat the survivors of a large Hirogen vs. Voth engagement before they and the Jem'Hadar can safely return to their respective ships.

Meanwhile the ship has picked up communications from the Hirogen saying that the "Gamechanger" is on the move, specifically toward the nearby Gor Iven Nebula, within which sensors are nearly useless due to the nebula's ambient radiation. Both Eraun's and the player's ship set course, and must use a sort of echolocation to find the nebula's only solid body, a rogue planet that turns out to be Class M but assimilated by the Borg. The player intends to proceed with caution, but that goes out the airlock when Eraun begins transporting Jem'Hadar search parties to the surface.

Beaming down after the Jem'Hadar, the player watches them get into a firefight with Borg drones on the surface - but the "drones" turn out to actually be members of the Borg Cooperative, who are staging their own raid on the planet, in order to upload a viral agent designed to disrupt the neural subspace links of the planet's drones to the Collective, thereby freeing them. One of the Cooperative raiders is actually a Jem'Hadar himself, named Kudal'akar, who is surprised to see his own kind again. With his help, the away team and the Cooperative arrange a cease-fire and temporary alliance with the Jem'Hadar against their common enemy, the Borg Collective. Together they launch an assault on the Collective's compound, where the player's science officer picks up a morphogenic signature - a telltale sign that a Changeling is near.

Inside the compound, the Cooperative raiders upload their viral agent while the player's team resumes their search for the Changeling, both fighting Collective drones along the way. Finally, in one of the side corridors, the team finds the Changeling as one of three captive specimens being studied by the Borg. They release the Changeling, who then takes humanoid form and says her name is Irla. Before they can escape the compound, a Hirogen hunting party confronts the player and demand Irla be turned over to them. But Irla has already used her shapeshifting ability to slip past the Hirogen and join a group of Jem'Hadar reinforcements. Together with the Cooperative forces and the player's team, they defeat the Hirogen and secure Irla, though Kudal'akar is killed during the battle - which then continues in orbit until the Hirogen and Borg Collective forces are destroyed.

On the way back to Turei, however, a disagreement brews between Eraun and the player. Irla is reluctant to rejoin the Great Link in the Gamma Quadrant and wishes to accompany the player back to their side of the galaxy; Eraun insists that she will need Jem'Hadar protection if she does so, which the player says is unacceptable - so instead, the player proposes an alternative solution.

Flash forward two weeks: Eraun, Loriss and Irla have reconvened with the player aboard the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. Soon they are joined by a familiar and smartly dressed figure: Odo, the former Constable of Deep Space Nine and another of The Hundred. At his invitation, she takes his hands and they briefly Link. In that exchange, Irla begins to understand her true nature.

Outline[edit | edit source]

Mission text[edit | edit source]

Sent to investigate an alarming incident in Delta Quadrant, the [ShipFullName] and her crew are unexpectedly drawn into a desperate search for the last of a legendary cohort.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Beyond Underspace
    • Exit Underspace
    • Sensor sweep
    • Defeat Hirogen hunters
    • Defeat Hirogen... or sit back and watch
    • Hail the lead Dominion ship
    • Depart Kemari system
    • Enter Prelnar system
    • Approach Prelnar V
  • Delta Force
    • Scan for Changeling lifesigns
    • Speak with the Jem'Hadar First
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Scan for Changeling lifesigns
      • Scan for Changeling lifesigns
    • Scan the indicated location
    • Survive Hirogen ambush
    • Return to beam-down site
    • Clear beam-down site
  • The Game Is Afoot
    • Depart Prelnar system
    • Remodulate shields to block radiation
    • Enter Gor Iven Nebula
    • Reconfigure main deflector
    • Generate resonance pulse
    • Approach rogue planet... slowly
    • Approach rogue planet... slowly
    • Approach rogue planet... slowly
    • Rejoin Eraun's ship
  • Cooperation
    • Join the battle...
    • ...or not?
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Speak with Cooperative Jem'Hadar
      • Speak with Cooperative squad leader
    • Approach second skirmish site
    • Speak with First Jikar'iklan
    • Move into assault position
    • Locate correct entrance
  • A Fluid Situation
    • Scan Borg node for analysis
    • Analyze scan results
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Upload viral agent to Collective
      • Reacquire morphogenic signature
    • Locate morphogenic signature source
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Scan left-side holding cell
      • Scan middle holding cell
      • Scan right-side holding cell
    • Disrupt power to cell
    • Wait...
    • Speak with the Changeling
    • Escort Irla to Eraun
    • Look for Irla
    • Defeat Hirogen hunters
    • Defeat Hirogen reinforcements
    • Go to Irla
    • Listen to Eraun and Irla
  • Catch-22
    • Answer incoming hails
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Defeat first Borg wave
      • Defeat first Hirogen wave
      • Defeat second Borg wave
      • Defeat second Hirogen wave
      • Defeat third Borg wave
      • Defeat third Hirogen wave
    • Rendezvous with Eraun's ship
    • Depart nebula
  • Two weeks later...
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Talk to Loriss
      • Talk to VanZyl
      • Talk to Eraun
    • Approach Irla
    • Observe
    • Keep observing
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Talk to Irla
      • Talk to Odo


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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Source material[edit | edit source]

Star Trek canon references[edit | edit source]

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: This mission contains numerous callbacks to events and characters from throughout the TV series. Here is a partial list:
    • "Emissary (episode)": Odo recalls having arrested Nog for burglarizing DS9's Promenade on the day Starfleet arrived, and says he's impressed at how far Nog has come since then.
    • "To the Death": Both the Jem'Hadar "Victory Is Life" speech on the Borg planet and the Ketracel White ceremony aboard the Dyson Sphere are taken from this episode.
    • "Chimera": Upon realizing the Changeling is no longer on Prelnar V, one of the bridge officers notes that Laas first appeared to Starfleet as a cosmozoan lifeform, suggesting that this one could also have taken cosmozoan form in order to escape the planet.
    • "What You Leave Behind": Just before Odo rejoins the Great Link, he changes "clothes" into a tuxedo for Kira. He sports a similar outfit for his cameo in this episode.

STO content references[edit | edit source]

  • Cardassian Struggle mission arc: Vorta characters Eraun and Loriss were both introduced in "The 2800" portion of this arc, and return for "Wa'vatlhDIch". In addition, both Neman and Laas (both from the earlier, rewritten portion of this arc) are mentioned in passing.
  • The Delta Quadrant mission arc: The author's original intent was to incorporate numerous factions introduced in STO's Delta Rising expansion, in order to explore the fallout from this arc's events. To simplify the story, only the Turei and the Borg Cooperative were directly used, although the Vaadwaur are mentioned in dialogue and three pre-existing Delta Quadrant factions - the Hirogen, the Voth and the Borg Collective - are also featured.
  • "Time and Tide": At one point during the final scene, Eraun mentions having met a Vorta claiming to be a temporal agent from the future - an implicit reference to the Dominion's signing of the Temporal Accords. This agent may or may not be the Vorta character the player meets during "Time and Tide".
  • The original Path to 2409 chronology published by Cryptic during the run-up to STO's launch revealed that Kira Nerys is now the Kai of Bajor - hence Odo's mention of this during his cameo. (At the time this mission was published, Kai Kira had yet to directly appear in STO.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The story is based on a missed opportunity for a DS9 crossover on Star Trek: Voyager, in which Captain Janeway and crew would encounter a lost Founder in Delta Quadrant, and/or the Dominion searching for that Founder. The concept was updated to fit into the Delta Quadrant of the STO era.
  • VanZyl was chosen as the mission contact because she's the only allied Delta Rising character available to Foundry authors who has encountered all three player factions. (The Starfleet Intelligence contact Commander Ethan Burgess is available in the Foundry editor, but his KDF and Romulan Republic counterparts are not.)
  • Having already been separated from the Dominion for decades, Loriss seemed an ideal character to lead the mission to Delta Quadrant, which was expected to result in another long-term separation. However the author had more of an affinity for Eraun, so the solution was to put Eraun in charge of the mission but Loriss in command of the Jem'Hadar (similar to her role in "The 2800").
  • As it turns out, "Wa'vatlhDIch" dovetails neatly with Cryptic mission "Scylla and Charybdis", which was released over nine months after this mission. One bit of Odo's dialogue implies that the Dominion is already aware of a stirring Hur'q threat, which indeed comes to full fruition in "Scylla and Charybdis" (which also features a brief Odo cameo). The Hur'q were mentioned as possibly linked to the Fek'Ihri attack on Qo'noS during the Fek'Ihri Return arc of Cryptic's KDF storyline, and there has long been speculation among players that the Hur'q themselves would eventually emerge (which, of course, they now have); hence Odo's mention of them here.
  • In addition to Odo, Loriss also appears in both this mission and "Scylla and Charybdis". As noted above, the Loriss in this mission is the same incarnation as the one we met in "The 2800", but in "Scylla and Charybdis" she self-identifies as Loriss 4, her next incarnation. So, presumably, either Loriss 3 dies at some point in between "The Hundredth" and "Scylla and Charybdis", or the Founders simply activated Loriss 4 in Loriss 3's absence.
  • The purpose of the Voth's activities on Prelnar V was intentionally left vague; it is unimportant to the storyline other than to provide a suitable, combat-heavy setting for the player's search. It may be revisited in a future mission (by this or some other author), however.
  • There is actually a Borg Cooperative Jem'Hadar stock costume available to Foundry authors; this is how the character of Kudal'akar (and indeed, the entire Borg Cooperative portion of the story) came to be.

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