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Foundry:The Syndicate Extraction (ST-HA29RR56G)/Vahnya

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OrionVahnya M'lani
Orion Syndicate Member

Vahnya M'lani is the highest ranking Orion Syndicate member operating in the Veela System. She is in a position of authority regarding the Syndicate's affairs and criminal activities in the area, and is known to be an associate of Melani D'ian.

Vahnya operates from her flagship, an Orion battle cruiser called The Terjas.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Vahnya is known to have powerful influence over her subordinates, through the mind-altering effects of her naturally produced Orion pheromones. The effects of the pheromones are cumulative, and the Orion males in her employ are loyal only to her will.
  • Vahnya is defeated during the operation to rescue a Starfleet Intelligence operative named Selomi. Depending on the player's actions during The Syndicate Extraction, the player will either directly kill Vahnya in battle, or in an alternate ending Vahnya will ingest a neurotoxin to prevent the player from taking her as a prisoner.

Foundry Mission Appearances[edit | edit source]