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The Show Must Go On is a fairly easy mission with very little fighting and a lot of dialogue. There are a few tough fights at the end, but the focus is on the story line. As this mission is primarily a vacation, the objectives are fairly light-hearted.

NOTE: To skip through a lengthy dialogue quickly, always select the bottom option

Start Your Vacation[edit | edit source]

Bring The Ship Into Orbit[edit | edit source]

Take your ship to the Risa System in the Sirius Sector Block of Beta Quadrant

Once in orbit, accelerate forward towards the planet to begin the docking dialogue.

Shore Leave[edit | edit source]

Try Something New[edit | edit source]

At the Northwestern beach (just north of where you beam in) there are a few men playing a ball game. Approach them and speak to them about playing a game of Loffleball. The player will explain the game's complex rules and invite you to play with them.

Don't worry about learning the rules. As the game begins, the players will rush to tackle your character. In the confusion, your party defends themselves in combat. This is a light combat and fairly easy, but if you get in trouble, back off a bit- the players do not have weapons and will only headbutt you. After the combat, the players will chastise you for your mistake and send you on your way. Oops.

Cut Loose[edit | edit source]

At the Northern Bungalows is a dance party. If you start heading up the path from where you beamed in, you will see it to the left. There are large pink crystals surrounding the dance floor.

Approach the dance floor and you will see an Orion DJ, Tallic the Loud. If you interact with him, he will encourage you to join the dance party. If you move onto the dance floor (anywhere along the northern edge) you will see a prompt to dance. Follow the prompt and your character will dance. Tallic will then crank it up and encourage you to try some new dance moves. He turns on the smoke machine. Repeat the same interaction and you will dance again. Tallic then encourages you to give it all you've got, one last time. He turns on a laser show. Repeat the same interaction to complete this objective.

See The Sights[edit | edit source]

Head towards the SE corner of the map (you will see the beacon on your map). In this area, you should find a small, fungal looking cave. Enter the cave from the Northern side and you will see an Undine named Caliban.

Speak to him and he will explain that he and his people were once natives of the island. After the arrival of people, they were forced to flee into the oceans. He further explains that low tides have revealed his previous aquatic lair and now he is vulnerable to being found. He ultimately explains that he needs you to find 4 Risan Pearls for him to move his cave (which, it is revealed, is really a ship) back into the ocean.

You can find these pearls at the northern beachs. Look for a group of mollusks. The pearl is found in the center mollusk (which is glowing). There are two on the NW shore and two on the NE shore.

  • One is near the Luffleball players where you first beamed in.
  • One is in the western corner of the beach, near the beach chairs (west of the angry vacationer and the waitress).
  • One is in the northern corner of the eastern beach, near the bungalow with the dance floor.
  • One is in the southern corner of the eastern beach, near the medic and the hurt swimmer

Once you have all four pearls, return to Caliban and he will use them to start his ship. He tells you to leave the cave. Leave the cave and head straight away from the entrance where you will be prompted to 'take cover'. Once you do that, there is a blastoff and the cave disappears.

Meet New People[edit | edit source]

As you move down the path from where you beamed in, you should be contacted by Sarana. If you are not contacted, move to the area just SW of the dance floors in the Northern bungalows. Once she contacts you, she asks you to meet her at the theatre. Follow the path that leads south up the hill and you will come to the opera house. She will then ask you to instead meet her by the old rope bride. You should have passed it while coming to the opera house but, if not, just head straight away from the opera house entrance and you will see her on top of the rope bridge. Go speak to her and she will explain the plot.

A Night At The Opera[edit | edit source]

Speak To Sarana[edit | edit source]

Find Sarana in the SW corner of the foyer, next to the bar. If you speak to her, she will explain her involvement in the plot and many of the details of the heist.

She then goes into the theatre, telling you to stick around a bit and mingle.

Order a Drink[edit | edit source]

Speak to the bartender at the bar. You can order any drink you like. Once you have ordered, interact with the cup at the bar to drink the drink.

Mingle[edit | edit source]

Near the entrance of the theatre is a small group of people talking about opera. Speak to the Changeling. He will talk shop with you a bit about various Klingon Opera.

Check The Programme[edit | edit source]

At the south end of the room is a floating purple hologram. Interact with the hologram and he will tell you about the show. You can learn more background of the production and the actors if you like.

Attend The Show[edit | edit source]

Once you have mingled in the foyer, head into the theatre where Sarana is already seated. Speak to her and she will explain more about the situation before heading backstage.

Watch the Show (Optional)[edit | edit source]

If you like, you may watch the show. This is a long dialogue which plays out the story of the opera. Keep in mind that the dialogue is written as though it were being sung. You can leave the dialogue at any time by selecting "Leave" or continue to watch the show by selecting "Continue" until the end of the first act.

Go Backstage[edit | edit source]

Head towards the SW corner of the theatre and you will see a glowing forcefield. Approach the forcefield and you will be prompted to go backstage.

It Aint Over Til The Klingon Sings[edit | edit source]

Clean Up Backstage[edit | edit source]

Once backstage, you find out that the Orion Syndicate and the Golden Tide have already arrived and must be dealt with.

  • There is a group of Golden Tide Corsairs patrolling the hall to the left of where you arrive
  • There is a group of Orion thugs at the end of the hall, in the recreation room.
  • There is a group of Orion thugs at the end of the hall and to the right, in the changing room
  • There is a group of Golden Tide Corsairs at the end of the hall and to the left, in the storage room

If you're clever, you can get the two groups to fight each other, but this is generally more trouble than it's worth. This fight can be tough, but use the walls of the tight corridors to your advantage. Hide if you get in trouble and group up the enemies for some AoE attacks.

Speak to Sarana[edit | edit source]

Once you've cleaned up, you can find Sarana hiding in the SW corner of the changing room (the room to the right of the hall). Speak to her for your next objective.

Find the Diamonds[edit | edit source]

Head into the room to the west of the corridor and you will see a glowing box. Interact with the box to continue.

Sarana explains that there is an encryption device on the box and the only way to transport it is with Horatio tai'Kadan's key code. Unfortunately, tai'Kadan is about to be assassinated on stage.

Fetch A Plan[edit | edit source]

Head towards Sarana and she will explain her plan to put you on stage to prevent the assassination.

Put On Your Costume[edit | edit source]

Head to the changing room again and interact with the glowing locker to use the holoemitter to make yourself look like a Klingon woman.

Go Over Your Lines[edit | edit source]

Approach Sarana and she will explain what your lines in the play will be. There are three lines to remember.

Break A Leg[edit | edit source]

Head south down the corridor to where you first arrived on this map. Then, turn left twice and north up the adjacent corridor to behind the stage. Climb the stairs to the stage and a new dialogue will begin.

Kortar is an Orion Syndicate assassin in disguise. He will engage you in the lines of the play to which you should respond with the lines you memorized earlier. Don't sweat it, though. If you mess up the lines, it will throw Kortar off, but the show must go on. Continue the dialogue until he attacks.

The Finale[edit | edit source]

Stop the Assassin[edit | edit source]

The assassin will attack and his thugs will take the stage. tai'Kadan will run off (disappear).

This is a tough fight, but feel free to make it dramatic for the audience. The assassin is a bat'leth expert, so he will try to engage you in melee combat. If you get in trouble, jump the railings onto the proscenium or even into the pews of the audience and give them a classic swashbuckle.

Once the assassin has been defeated, you've got one last chance to improvise an ending to the play. Choose whatever you like, then head backstage.

Get Back To The Lockbox[edit | edit source]

Head back to the storage room and you'll find Sarana and tai'Kadan. Speak to them about the lockbox, then get rudely interrupted.

Confront Koro[edit | edit source]

Speak to Koro, who is planning on making off with the diamonds. You'll see there's no reasoning with a pirate.

Kill Koro[edit | edit source]

When Koro attacks, he beams in a few of his buddies from the Golden Tide. This is another tough fight, but you've got plenty of options. Firstly, fight your way out of the corner and turn it around on him. Feel free to use the scenery to your advantage, separating the Corsairs or hiding to catch your breath.

Once he's dead, Sarana makes her peace and you beam back up to the ship.

Coda[edit | edit source]

Say Your Goodbyes[edit | edit source]

Finally back aboard after your less-than-relaxing vacation, you're free to say your goodbyes. Everything went as planned. Or did it?