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Foundry:Starfleet Experimentation (ST-HGBP31CQ4)/U.S.S. Toledo

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The U.S.S. Toledo on a deep space assignment.
The U.S.S. Toledo ready to warp.

The U.S.S. Toledo is a Miranda-class vessel.

Classified as a Federation Cruiser, this frigate is considered the workhorse of Starfleet. The vessel consists of a primary saucer section (akin to the refit Constitution-class) with additional decks and two shuttlecraft bays; two warp nacelle pylons positioned on the underside; and a "rollbar" configuration with additional sensors and weaponry.

In terms of weaponry, design and speed, the Toledo is capable of a huge variety of roles, from performing scientific duties to deployment in major confrontations. While outclassed by a wide-range of newer, more technologically advanced starships, vessels like the Toledo still fulfill some of the most vital roles for the Federation.

The Toledo has a critical role in the Foundry mission "Hidden Intelligence."

The final mission of the Toledo occured in System JFS-47 within the Pi Canis Sector. (See Foundry mission: "Starfleet Experimentation.")


  • Captain Thl'ryk
  • Commander Farbolg (Chief Engineer)
  • Lieutenant Pallson
  • Lieutenant Petria Jones (Science Officer)
  • Ensign Mrhhh
  • Ensign Cabbot

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