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Foundry:List of missions

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This content covers user-generated foundry missions.
This article does not reflect any official game content or Star Trek canon.

Federation missions[edit | edit source]

Lv Title ID Designer Released Starts at
0 “Beckon Me Unto Beacons” ST-HKB8BWMWF Veloccitore (Velocitore@velocitore) 2014-09-04 Cernan System in the Regulus Sector Block
0 “City of the Polmar Ree” ST-HJGVZQ2CX Alimac30 (@alimac30) [[]]
0 “Hidden Intelligence” ST-HU6ZYFPS9 Bazag (@Bazag) 2018-06-13 Memory Alpha
0 “Odium Prophecy EP 1” ST-HM4BR8ZOL Leptoon (@leptoon) 2012-01-23 Andoria
0 “The Show Must Go On” ST-HFZFE92DU Warkah (@warkah) 2012-04-04 Risa System
0 “The Spirits of Ramok Nor” ST-HI8UI4BLS Alimac30 (@alimac30) 2011-04-29 Deep Space 9
0 “The Syndicate Extraction” ST-HA29RR56G Galactrix (@Galactrix) 2011-04-07 Veela System
0 “To Helna and Back” ST-HGTEIDK7L Havraha (@Havraha) 2011-03-28 Risa System
0 “Uplift” ST-HJ3QAQ9SQ Walshicus (@Walshicus) 2018-04-16 Una System
0 “Welcome to the Vanguard, Part I” ST-HEDPLF6UO Odyssey47 (@Odyssey47) 2012-03-18 JFS47 System
1 “Bait and Switch” ST-HMVK8ZDAT StarSwordC (@starswordc) 2013-09-29 Deep Space 9
1 “Eclipse #1: Komahashi Maru” ST-HJCGWMIJA Intrinsical 2012-05-14 Starfleet Academy
1 “Left to Die” ST-HMMWCFTKM Tiuz (@Tiuz) 2011-05-05 Deep Space 9
1 “Outpost Gaia” ST-HNMCGZL2C PuppetX (@PuppetX) 2012-01-31 Earth Spacedock
1 “Starfleet Experimentation” ST-HGBP31CQ4 Bazag (@Bazag) 2011-03-28 JFS47 System
16 “Chronotons and Klingons” ST-HQFXXK5EY CaptPFDennis (@Capt.PFDennis) 2011-03-29 Deep Space 9
16 “Conjoined” ST-HJAAWDWF8 Denizenvi (@DenizenVI) 2011-03-29 Vhoran System
16 “Dark Alliance Part 1 (ST-HPVNOTTZY)” Dark Alliance Part 1 Skydawn (@Skydawn) 2012-12-19 Earth Spacedock
16 “Ghosts of War, Part I (ST-HBPDJHGFE)” ST-HBPDJHGFE Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2011-01-13 Sierra Outpost II
16 “Ghosts of War, Part II (ST-HI6PMJ2Y8)” ST-HI6PMJ2Y8 Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2012-01-13 Chiron System
16 “Retribution - Part 1” ST-HMV2HPA7S Rejak (@Rejak) 2011-08-22 Iconia System
16 “Starfleet: Section X” ST-HDGCZ9P32 BorrowedTune (@BorrowedTune) 2015-03-22 Delta Volanis Cluster
16 “Tempus Fugit P-1” ST-HJ6HUGLLG MobiusMOAB (@MobiusMOAB) 2012-03-17 Icari System
16 “The Mysteries of Pon Far” ST-HGYYMXEB3 Bazag (@Bazag) 2018-09-13 Vulcan
21 “Threads of Eden: Orphaned” ST-HOD75U5IY DeltaGemini (@DeltaGemini) 2012-03-01 Risa System
31 “Dark Alliance 2: Black Spiral (ST-HDSFSEJNA)” Dark Alliance 2: Black Spiral Skydawn (@Skydawn) 2013-02-25 Donatu System
31 “Digging in the Past” ST-HGE2R2OBO Castmodean (@Castmodean) 2011-05-10 Andoria
31 “Ferengi Repoman” ST-HK95SFZ3N Veloccitore (velocitore@velocitore) 2014-07-24 Earth Spacedock
31 “Memory Lane” ST-HETTHJ7NH Bazag (@Bazag) 2011-05-12 Deep Space 9
31 “Mirror Conflict: Incursion (1/4)” ST-HTPWXUYFB Dristar (@Mercury) 2013-10-01 Wolf 359
31 “Mirror Conflict: Infection (1/2)” ST-HAWQ9QFVD Mercury (@Dristar) 2014-04-15 P'Jem System
31 “Mirror Invasion: Friend or Foe?” Mirror Invasion: Friend or Foe? Gamerboy100 (@Gamerboy100) 2013-02-16 Rhi System
31 “Mirrorball (ST-HGCDCUSWM)” ST-HGCDCUSWM Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2016-01-13 Honod System
31 “Not Our War” ST-HJBWPEPE9 Zondi (@Zondi) 2011-01-05 Badlands
31 “Shadows of the Past” ST-HHG6JJ82J Backyardserenade (@backyardserenade) 2012-06-19 Toron System
31 “The Sentinels of Andor” ST-HUMZ4D6YH Mitchz95 (@ThePsycoticVulcan)) 2014-12-26 Hobus System
31 “The final days” The final days Down23 2012-01-13 Wolf 359 System
35 “Ghosts of War, Part III (ST-HLAJXIZUN)” ST-HLAJXIZUN Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2012-01-13 Minos Korva System
35 “More Than Just Missing” ST-HN7BCF8XQ Bazag (@Bazag) 2018-12-13 Elwing System
35 “Tempus Fugit:Amicis et spes Pt.2 (ST-HJLXEWMRG)” ST-HJLXEWMRG Logitech007 (@Logitech007) 2013-01-28 Veela System in the Kassae sector in the Regulus Sector Block
35 “Tempus fugit: De Road Domus Pt.3 (ST-HD4BEXZRY)” ST-HD4BEXZRY Logitech007 (@Logitech007) 2013-01-28 Andoss system in the Dorvan sector in the Alpha Trianguli Sector Block.
41 “A Taste of Collateral Damage” ST-HPMDJ5JQR BorrowedTune (@BorrowedTune) 2013-11-10 Deep Space K-7
41 “Borg 2.0” ST-HMCLL74PW Sanduku_tupu (@blargskull (host only)) 2012-05-26 Kessik System
41 “Camelot Under Siege” ST-HGJVKRLUU Tucana (@Tucana) 2012-01-31 Earth Spacedock
41 “Clash of the Titans” DP1 Admiralkota (@rahmkota19) 2012-09-27 Deep Space 9
41 “Dark Prophecy” Dark Prophecy Admiralkota (@rahmkota19) 2012-11-08 Deep Space 9
41 “Dreams of Salvation and Glory (ST-HADWWEUEG)” ST-HADWWEUEG @Tucana (@Tucana) 2012-03-07 Veela System
41 “Infection (Infected STF Variant)” ST-TBF7KQPFL CorvusChronicles (@Xavier_Q) 2012-04-27 Starfleet Academy
41 “Resistance (DP2)” DP2 Admiralkota (@rahmkota19) 2012-10-24 Deep Space 9
41 “Tempus Fugit: Principium Pt. 1 (ST-HJQE7X27J)” ST-HJQE7X27J Logitech007 (@Logitech007) 2013-01-28 Veela System in the Kassae sector in the Regulus Sector Block
41 “The Longing” ST-HS8U72BBD RachelGarrett (@RachelGarrett) 2011-02-02 Noro System
57 “Ghost's Gambit (ST-HJ6XD8SJH)” ST-HJ6XD8SJH Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2015-06-07 Wolf 359 System
57 “Trouble In Paradise (ST-HA4QUWNST)” ST-HA4QUWNST Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2015-08-01 Risa System

Klingon missions[edit | edit source]

Lv Title ID Designer Released Starts at
0 “Ghost Ships (KDF Edition)” ST-HDUR45VPH @Samueldavidson1701 2011-08-26 Veyga System
16 “Enemies of the Empire” ST-HFY7GLDMV Bazag (@Bazag) 2018-10-13 Sanek System
16 “Replay: The Battle of Qo'noS” ST-HAJY85HZG Hatch (@hatchery_) 2012-02-08 First City
31 “The Song of Circe's Demise” ST-HD34FGHMH @Tucana (the @Tucana) 2012-04-01 Councilman Terrath in the Great Hall within First City, Qo'noS
35 “The Ballad of HoQyin” ST-HUOVRWKFI Arima01 (@Migs2501) 2012-07-27 S'hinga System
41 “Borg Blitz” ST-HOS2KY4WS PuppetX (@PuppetX) 2012-05-19 T'Kanis Nebula

Romulan Republic missions[edit | edit source]

Lv Title ID Designer Released Starts at
31 “Valley of the Shadow I (ST-HBHYV0LP6)” ST-HBHYV0LP6 Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2013-01-13 Japori System
31 “Valley of the Shadow II (ST-HLAM39YR6)” ST-HLAM39YR6 Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2013-12-10 Drozana System
31 “Valley of the Shadow III (ST-HNDYF3PDR)” ST-HNDYF3PDR Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2014-09-20 New Romulus System
31 “VotS1: Into the Valley (ST-HDRLV9L5R)” ST-HDRLV9L5R Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2014-01-13 Japori System
31 “VotS2: The Shadow of Death (ST-HQ3N0I9QX)” ST-HQ3N0I9QX Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2015-11-29 Drozana System
31 “VotS3: Fear No Evil (ST-HLWRE7ZW4)” ST-HLWRE7ZW4 Paxfederatica (@NCC-89471) 2016-01-30 New Romulus System