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Faction Starfleet.png Ghosts of War, Part III (ST-HLAJXIZUN)
Designed by:
November 17, 2012
Starts at:
Minos Korva System

"Ghosts of War, Part III" (ST-HLAJXIZUN, aka "Chasing Ghosts") is the third of six missions in the Ghosts of War series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Historical context[edit | edit source]

This mission takes place in an alternate 2409, between the events of Cryptic missions "The New Link" and "Second Wave".

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the events of Part II, the hijacked Gamma section of the U.S.S. Monticello was reported to have attacked Bironex Depot and stolen some cargo being kept there. Admiral Marconi, now in charge of Starfleet Intelligence operations stemming from the Verena III incident (from Part I) following the apparent death of Admiral Youngs, has obtained new information suggesting the Monticello hijacker is an Undine sleeper agent - and that he has been in contact with co-conspirators (and possibly fellow Undine) in the Klingon Empire, the Breen Confederacy, and the revanchist Cardassian faction known as the True Way.

Marconi sends the player to Khydren VI, a planet under the control of Lukag, head of a minor Klingon house and one of the hijacker's suspected co-conspirators. In orbit of the planet, the player's ship encounters a satellite in geostationary orbit above a complex on the surface. Beaming down to investigate, the player and away team confront Lukag, who activates the satellite, which nearly kills the team. It turns out the satellite houses an experimental weapon designed to drain neurochemical energy from targets on the surface. Fortunately for the player and team, the ship is able to beam them back up before their neural energy is fully drained, but then a Klingon fleet arrives and attacks the ship. While the player is thus preoccupied, the Monticello Gamma section suddenly appears in orbit, beams up Lukag, and just as quickly vanishes again.

With help from Marconi, the player determines the Monticello's most likely destination is Leneka V, a Cardassian Union planet believed to host a True Way base. Upon arrival, the player indeed discovers the Monticello abandoned in orbit, and manages to access its Emergency Medical Hologram and various ship subsystems in an attempt to piece together the fate of her crew. That fate, it seems, was a grim one: Death by exposure to thalaron radiation - to which the alien hijacker is apparently immune.

With that, the player and away team beam down to a base beneath the surface of Leneka V, and must fight their way through it in order to confront the hijacker's conspirators, Thot Pren of the Breen and Gul Gavet of the True Way. Gavet, however, turns out to be not Undine, but Devidian - another shapeshifting race with a recent history of menacing the Federation. Phased into the Devidians' temporal realm, the team must destroy several phase discriminators installed throughout the base - fighting numerous Devidians along the way, including the Monticello hijacker and Lukag (or rather, the Devidian who had replaced Lukag) - in order to reverse the phase shift and return to the player's ship.

The ship engages and defeats several True Way and Breen vessels in orbit, but that battle turns out to have been a diversion; in the meantime a Jem'Hadar warship from the True Way fleet arrives, beams aboard the stolen Bironex Depot cargo from the Monticello, and immediately departs. The news isn't all bad though: Also aboard the Monticello, it turns out, is Admiral Youngs, alive and well after having performed an emergency beamout just ahead of the bomb blast thought to have killed her, then stowed away in a stasis chamber shielded against thalaron radiation. Having just been revived by the Monticello EMH, Youngs is dismayed at the developments between the True Way and the Breen, who are evidently intent on waking up the ghosts of the Dominion War.

Outline[edit | edit source]

Mission text[edit | edit source]

Aboard a hijacked Starfleet escort, an unknown adversary blazes a trail of mayhem across Beta and Alpha Quadrants - leading to a revelation that could drastically shift the balance of power.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Fugitive's Friends
    • Scan the Klingon satellite
  • The Burning Zone
    • Investigate burning scent
    • Reach headquarters
    • Find Lukag
    • Defeat Lukag's guard
    • Question Lukag
  • Getaway
    • Defeat lead Klingon squadrons
    • Hail U.S.S. Monticello
    • Scan for the Monticello
    • Leave the system
  • History's Boneyard
    • Navigate through debris field
    • Access Monticello main computer
    • Access U.S.S. Monticello's secondary processors
  • Getting the Band Back Together
    • Concurrent objectives:
      • Find Thot Pren
      • Find Gul Gavet
      • Confront Thot Pren
      • Defeat Gavet's senior officers
    • Confront Gul Gavet
  • Meet the New Frontmen
    • Defeat Devidians in command center
    • Place ultritium charges on generators
    • Destroy phase-shift generators
  • Out of the Frying Pan...
    • Defeat True Way squadron
    • Hail U.S.S. Monticello


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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This mission's original alternate title was "Chasing Shadows". It was changed to avoid confusion with the climactic scene of Cryptic mission "Skirmish".
  • Originally, the Ghosts of War series was meant to contain eight missions. This was reduced to six by condensing what would have been Parts III-V into a single mission - this one. A subsequent revision further condensed Part III by deleting an opening sequence aboard Bironex Depot in Imperial Romulan space, which had served as a capstone to the Romulan portion of the series (i.e. Parts I and II). Those events are now covered by a few lines of dialogue instead.
  • Bironex Depot (and the system in which it resides) is featured in Romulan Republic mission "Valley of the Shadow II".
  • Map title "The Burning Zone" is an homage to a short-lived TV series which ran on UPN at the same time as Star Trek: Voyager.
  • This mission's final bit of dialogue reveals the meaning of the series title - a reference to the Dominion War.

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