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Gelrun is a Vorta overseer in service of the Dominion in the early 25th century. This character is not official property, but a non-canon character created for the player-designed Foundry: Dark Prophecy series.

History[edit | edit source]

Gelrun is a Vorta with different clones. The first one encountered by the Federation was the third one of his name. Gelrun 3 and 4 are key Vortas during the Dark Prophecy series.

In 2409 the Federation sends an Admiral for diplomatic negoiations with the Dominion. Gelrun, being the representative of the Dominion, is ordered to meet the Starfleet representative in the Spino system. Once he has arrived there his Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (Mob) is badly damaged by a Borg Cube.

Gelrun is rescued by the Federation representative, and asks him to help the Dominion defeat the Borg in the Spino system. Gelrun remains on board of his vessel during this time, coordinating its repair.

A few days later, Gelrun is send towards Deep Space 9 to coordinate the combined Dominion-Federation defense of the Bajoran Wormhole against an attack of the Borg. He prepares the battle together with Admiral Marconi and stays behind on Deep Space 9 to oversee the progress of the battle. During this conflict Gelrun 3 is assimilated by the Borg and brought back to the Delta Quadrant.

Some weeks later Gelrun 4 is activated. He is send to the Toved system, where a working Borg Transwarp conduit is discovered. Commanding a vast fleet of both Jem´Hadar and Cardassian warships, that have been in Dominion property since 2372, he launches an attack on the Borg command system in the Delta Quadrant, where his fleet plays a crucial part in the rescue of one of the Founders and the destruction of the assimilated Gelrun 3.

During the withdraw of the Dominion fleet, Gelrun´s ship is boarded, and in order to prevent assimilation, he activates his termination implant. The rescued Founder expresses his gratitude towards Gelrun and promises to clone more of him.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • Clash of the Titans (DP1): Gelrun gives the player information and new mission objectives
  • Resistance (DP2): Gelrun provides the player with information and is assimilated by the Borg
  • Into the Pit (DP3): Gelrun is the commanding officer of a Jem´Hadar Attack fleet and gives the player orders. Gelrun 3 is destroyed by the player.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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