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Foundry:Camelot Under Siege (ST-HGJVKRLUU)/Walkthrough

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Timeline Change Imminent!
This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
This article is about a user-generated foundry mission or its content.
This article does not reflect any official game content or Star Trek canon.

Your mission begins by arriving at Earth Space Dock (ESD) in the Sol System, then beaming over.


Your supposed mission: To meet with Admiral Quinn and members of his staff for a debriefing. The episode assumes you have been patrolling for some time. You have vital information to report; you're also keen to learn the latest high-level Starfleet/Federation developments.

After being welcomed aboard ESD, you are directed to find a computer console OUTSIDE the transporter room, where you will open a secure comm channel. Exit to the FAR RIGHT SIDE of the transporter room. A computer wall panel in the hallway will be glowing, waiting for you to access it.

Talk with Ensign Macintyre via secure communications channel (via the wall panel).

Due to security measures, you are directed by Ensign Macintyre to a specific doorway to enter Admiral Quinn's office. Do NOT use the normal office entrance for Admiral Quinn by the fountain. If you are facing the computer wall panel, then turn RIGHT, walk a short distance towards the Admiral's office.

There will be a side entry door on the LEFT side, just before Admiral Quinn's office. Enter the door to start the mission. Site-to-site transporters will beam you and your team to the Admiral's office.


You are contacted by your ship to ascertain your status, then you talk in-person with Ensign Macintyre (who is in front of you).

You receive an urgent communication from Starfleet Command, asking you to contact Commander S'lor. You will be directed to a computer station on your LEFT. Talk with Commander S'lor (about a distress call from Camelot Station in System L-374) who will instruct you to rendezvous with the Aurora-class U.S.S. Valley Forge to investigate.

Return to Ensign Macintyre. After talking with Ensign Macintyre, either go up the ramp to view various assembled staff members for Admiral Quinn's debriefing, or move to the RIGHT of Ensign Macintyre to be prompted to transport back to your ship. If you explore the Admiral's office, merely return to Ensign Macintyre's RIGHT (her P.O.V.) to trigger the transporter prompt.

If you choose to explore the Admiral's office, you can observe various members of his staff. You will also note the security guards -- and forcefields -- ensuring privacy within the Admiral's office.


You are fast-forwarded to your vessel arriving within System L-374. There are cometary fragments and flotsam nearby -- all remnants of a former planet within the solar system.

After talking with your crew, you receive an urgent communication from Commander S'lor at Starfleet Command. Communications with Camelot Station have ended; the U.S.S. Valley Forge is also in trouble, now broadcasting a distress beacon. Guide your vessel forward, steering only slightly LEFT. You will pass next to debris from the Valley Forge.

Search for the Valley Forge's saucer section. It is enshrouded by cometary gases. Approach the saucer closely, then come to a FULL STOP. You will be prompted to SCAN the vessel when you are close enough. The vessel has just been attacked (but the attackers are off-screen). Despite the catastrophic damage, there may be survivors aboard, too.

Depending on the dialogue you choose, you may learn more about the historical importance of this solar system. Many years before, System L-374 was the battleground between the destructive Doomsday Machine and the Starfleet vessels U.S.S. Constellation and U.S.S. Enterprise. You learn what may have occurred after that legendary encounter ended.

From the sensor scans, you learn that Valley Forge's decks 7 and 8 are still supporting life. With little warning, Deck 8 collapses. Time is now running out for any survivors aboard the crippled ship.

You order an Away Team (including yourself) to beam over to the damaged U.S.S. Valley Forge. You must recover tactical data, rescue Valley Forge survivors and assess the situation before continuing to Camelot Station.


You beam aboard a cargo hold on Deck 7 of the U.S.S. Valley Forge. Fires rage around you; non-lethal radiation showers through the hull, occasionally showing up as bright light patterns. Your Away Team laments the damage they're witnessing.

Proceed forward to a collection of computer consoles. Access the appropriate console to transmit crucial data back to your vessel.

The data transmission is incomplete. Try again at an adjacent console where you use a PADD (Personal Access Display Device) provided by your Engineering Away Team member.

Unfortunately, between computer core issues, transmission problems, increasing interference from the Valley Forge's damaged Engineering section, and new command code authorization requirements, you cannot access the data. You must seek someone who can help, assuming any of the Valley Forge survivors can assist.

Move out of the cargo bay into the nearby hallway. First, assist the wounded Starfleet Caitian female, writhing in pain on the hallway floor. You will learn the BORG have attacked the Valley Forge. Render assistance to her.

Then, talk with Medic Scilliom, whom is treating an injured Tellarite crew member. You are advised to proceed with caution into an adjacent room where a firefight has just occurred.

Enter the room and talk with Lieutenant Worum.

Then proceed forward to talk with Ensign Toria. While she cannot help, she will provide a PADD with command codes to properly access the Valley Forge's computer systems. You must locate an operational (active) console to gain access.

(You may choose to look around this room. You will note another medic aiding a fallen crew member, security members (including Lt. Worum) standing down after having defeated a Borg drone, plus another security team gloating over fallen Borg attackers. No action is required by you.)

Proceed down the hallway to the first open doorway. A broken gas main is venting into this damaged compartment, along with other signs of devastation. Locate a computer panel straight ahead, to the right of the windows. You will be prompted to use your PADD to access it.

The console does not work. Attempting to override it via life support controls will NOT work. Such action does not immediately jeopardize the crew, but you are warned there may be problems from your attempt.

Continue down the hallway again, passing defeated Borg drones, locating another damaged room with an operational computer console. The console is located on the far LEFT side. You will succeed in accessing and transferring data back to your vessel.

You are prompted to return to your ship.

Off-camera, the Valley Forge survivors are beamed back, too, including incapacitated, assimilated crew members. Your ship's Medical team believes they can heal them.

(You may choose to look further around this area, venturing into an adjacent battle-damaged hallway with fallen Borg drones.)

NOTE: You will NOT be attacked while exploring the Valley Forge interior. The earlier firefights by Valley Forge security teams had defeated all of the Borg invaders.


Upon returning to your vessel, your crew provides an update of your ship's status. Camelot Station remains silent; you follow your orders to proceed to the station and investigate. The tactical analyses indicates you have to face Borg forces, plus neutralize Camelot Station's defense grid.

Proceed straight ahead to Camelot Station. You will encounter TWO Borg squadrons along the way. One which is nearby (slightly to the LEFT); another closer to the station (slightly RIGHT).

Upon reaching Camelot, steer your vessel above the station, targeting the uppermost cone-shaped section. The defense grid will fire phasers and photon torpedoes. You must target and destroy the grid. (Camelot Station will NOT be destroyed; your Tactical Officers do exemplary, accurate work!)

The station remains silent. You need to proceed further, as there is a series of signals from behind the Camelot Station -- coming from the Camelot fleet museum shipyard. Move close to the shipyard, specifically the Constitution-class (TOS-era) U.S.S. Kongo. You will communicate with a staff member (who is also a former Starfleet Commander) who is helping to evacuate the station population with these mothballed museum ships.

You learn the Borg have taken over Deck 37 of the station. This deck contains R&D (Research and Development) operations, including artifacts and items of interest relating to engineering technologies.

After conversing, you leave these museum ships behind to maneuver closer to Camelot Station.

You order an Away Team (including yourself) to beam over to Camelot Station. You must investigate and liberate the station from the Borg invaders. Your ship will remain on guard against new Borg vessels, which are on their way to the station. Starfleet's Fifth Fleet is also on course, likely arriving around the same time to engage the Borg.


You beam aboard Camelot Station's Deck 37 with your Away Team. You encounter Ensign Bomi, a Federation Benzite scientist who has escaped the Borg incursion. She explains the situation -- and how she survived.

You leave Ensign Bomi behind (to beam back to your vessel) while proceeding forward. The deck changes from Federation architecture to invasive Borg constructs merged into the station landscape.

At the end of the hallway, there are 5-6 Borg drones, including TWO assimilated members of Camelot Station. You must defeat all of these drones without prejudice; there is no way to help the assimilated crew members. You may need to enter a laboratory room (turn LEFT from the main hallway, then immediately RIGHT into the room) to defeat all of the drones.

Continue back down the hallway to a large storage room on the LEFT. Defeat 5-6 Borg drones, including TWO more assimilated Federation citizens: the first, a Camelot staff member; the second, a member of Valley Forge's security team who beamed aboard with a larger team before their vessel was destroyed.

Return to the main hallway.

Proceed further down the hallway, rounding two corners before encountering Commander Alustra of the U.S.S. Valley Forge's Tactical Away Team. You learn how she and her team survived after being beamed in to fight the Borg invaders.

(You can choose to enter a small side room with Borg tech. There is nothing of immediate interest, no actions required.)

You will then join forces with the surviving Valley Forge security team members to defeat Borg within a huge storage area -- where the Borg have been transporting materials from Camelot to a large Borg cube (not shown). You will fight two large groups of Borg, including assimilated members of the Valley Forge security and engineering Away Teams. Again, you must defeat all of these drones without prejudice; there is no way to help the assimilated crew members.

When completed, return to Commander Alustra to talk, then you will be prompted to beam back to your ship. You must stop the Borg from escaping System L-374 with valuable items taken from Camelot Station.


Upon returning to your ship, proceed forward in a straight line. Note the various Starfleet vessels conducting rescue and recovery operations around Camelot Station. (You may opt to slow down and look at the various ships performing rescue operations, then continue your flight path.)

You will be hailed by Captain Talurr of the U.S.S. Righteous. Starfleet's Fifth Fleet has arrived to engage the Borg. Your ship will join the fight.

Also note the arrival of a Borg transwarp gate.

Your crew is asked to craft a solution to stop the gate before the Borg can use it to escape. They will work on this solution while you defeat the Borg in battle.

Warp straight ahead to the first sortie where three phlanxes of Starfleet vessels are engaged five Borg squadrons. If you are unable to defeat the Borg by yourself, draw them closer to ships within the Fifth Fleet; they will help you defeat the Borg. Note that some of the Fifth Fleet will automatically attack, while other ships are situated outside the battle zone. You need to lure the Borg closer to those reserve ships if you require their assistance.

Once the Borg squadrons are defeated, proceed onwards to discover two fleet museum ships (U.S.S. Scythe and U.S.S. Sun Tzu) damaged and abandoned, drifing in space. There are no signs of the other museum ships. One assumes they escaped to the nearby space lanes. However, your character's instincts say otherwise, believing the ships (and crews) were captured by the Borg, or escaped (by necessity) through the functioning Borg transwarp gate.

Your Science team announces a solution to stopping the Borg transwarp gate. They successfully implement it after you issue the order.

Proceed straight ahead towards the gate, where a final battle ensues between ships of Starfleet's Fifth Fleet (including the U.S.S. Righteous) and the Borg. You are contacted by Commander Wyatt, the first officer on the Righteous, to hurry to the battle. Before arriving at the battle, you can see a series of explosions disabling the Righteous.

Defeat the Borg squadrons, plus the Borg cube. Do not rely on the limited number of Fifth Fleet ships attacking the Borg. You must be decisive and swift to defeat the Borg yourself.

Upon defeating the Borg, the U.S.S. Righteous will hail you and request you beam aboard their vessel.


You beam aboard the damaged U.S.S. Righteous bridge, where you can survey crew members performing damage control duties. Meet with Captain Talurr and his first officer, Commander Darcy Wyatt, near the command chair (center of the bridge).

Learn more about recent Borg activities.

Offer the method to controlling the Borg transwarp gate to Captain Talurr.

Offer to return to Earth Space Dock with vital information about the gate, along with crucial information from the Righteous.

Beam back to your ship.


Once aboard your vessel, proceed forward to trigger a hail from Commander S'lor at Starfleet Command.

Continue further forward to trigger the completion of this Foundry episode. You will be asked to exit System L-374 and return to Earth Space Dock.

Note: You may choose to view recovery operations near the nearby destroyed Borg cube, or travel towards Camelot Station to see continued rescue and recovery operations underway (including cargo ships and a Starfleet Corps of Engineers (SCE) vessel), plus various Starfleet Fifth Fleet vessels which are damaged/orbiting the station, or standing guard against further invaders.

Remember: To finish the episode, you must trigger the Exit System L-374 section of the map, close to the U.S.S. Righteous.


You re-appear on Earth Space Dock at the same alternate doorway you chose when entering Admiral Quinn's office.

You can presume you've delivered your information to the Admiral (or his staff), and have exited discreetly via this doorway.

E N D of the STO Foundry episode, "Camelot Under Siege" (Episode One of the "Camelot" series.)

To be continued in the STO Foundry episode, "Dreams of Salvation and Glory" (Episode Two in the "Camelot" series.)