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The Federation starship U.S.S. Righteous (ship registry NCC-95792) was launched in 2405 from Starfleet's Utopia Planitia Yards (planet Mars, Sol System, within the Sirius Sector of the Alpha Quadrant).

The ship's dedication plaque includes the quote, "A people free to choose will always choose peace." - Ronald Reagan


The U.S.S. Righteous entering orbit around Andoria.

The Righteous is an Avenger-class vessel.

Classified as a Star Cruiser, the Avenger-class has a shorter, more round saucer section with stylings reminiscent of the Sovereign Assault Cruiser. Its nacelles have a pointed edge on both ends -- with Bussard collectors recessed to the side and is pushed forward by upward pylons. It has elevated fins that trace the hull and saucer section.

The Righteous is equipped with numerous phaser beam arrays and photon torpedo launchers. As a capital ship within the Fifth Fleet, the vessel carries additional weaponry, such as polaron beam arrays and quantum torpedo launchers -- to install as needed against specific adversaries.

The Righteous has a distinguished record, having served as the flagship of Starfleet's Fifth Fleet for over 18 months, following the destruction of the Vanguard-class U.S.S. Spearhead at Donatu V. The vessel has survived more than four hundred missions, including forays against hostile Klingon, Romulan and Borg forces, all under the command of Captain Talurr.

Due to the strenuous requirements of being Starfleet's Fifth Fleet flagship, the Righteous has endured far more battle damage (spaceframe warping, hull fracturing, and countless hours of repair work) than most Starfleet starships ever endure. As a result, the Righteous might be retired or replaced within a ten-year operational cycle.

The vessel and its crew make their first appearance within the Star Trek Online (STO) universe, starting with the Foundry mission, Camelot Under Siege, then Dreams of Salvation and Glory.

The Righteous is normally stationed within Sirius Sector, although it has been temporarily reassigned to System L-374 within the Celes Sector (Regulus Block). The vessel includes the Federation museum Camelot and nearby space lanes, following an attack by the Borg, as part of its patrol route.


  • Captain Talurr (Caitian male; Tactical background)
  • Commander Darcy Wyatt (Denobulan-Human female; first officer; Sciences background)
  • Commander T'vol (Vulcan male; Science Officer; Sciences background)
  • Commander Mina Delvas (Trill female; Chief Engineer; Engineering background)
  • Lieutenant Commander Bolren (Bolian male; Security Chief; Tactical background)
  • Lieutenant Lorna Zyrir (Trill-Human female; Helmsman; Engineering background)
  • Lieutenant Stoxx (Vulcan male; Navigator; Engineering background)
  • Doctor Gav (Tellarite male; Chief Medical Officer; Sciences background)
  • Nurse Vonya (Vulcan female; Sciences background)
Captain Talurr of the U.S.S. Righteous.

Plus 400 additional Federation beings serving aboard the Righteous, including noted Starfleet tacticians Theleb Losar (Andorian male), Alejandra Meza (Human female) and Lublek (Pakled-Borg male).

NOTE: The Righteous crew has received one reprimand, regarding an incident at Drozana Station, where the vessel was regarded as a "space whale" and a "shovel" during a bar room exchange with rowdy Nausicaans. As a matter of pride, various Righteous crew members fought the Nausicaans over the perceived slandering of their valiant vessel.

As representatives of Starfleet and the Federation, the entire Righteous crew was disciplined to show further need for restraint and upholding honor and self-worth in the face of adversity, particularly as the flagship of the Fifth Fleet.

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