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Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack

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Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack icon.png
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Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack
Common Inventory
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Value: 275 Zen small icon.png

Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack is a duty officer pack previously available from the C-Store for 275 Zen small icon.png that gives you 7 duty officers and a bonus item. This pack was launched on 21 November, 2012 right after Season 7 and replaces the Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack.

New Duty Officers are ready to report to your ship!
Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack image
A random chance on opening the Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack

The Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack includes many officers with new Active Duty Powers:

Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack can be traded,mailed,sold or purchased from Exchange.
At the Exchange, cheapest and best way to find this pack is to type a keyword such as "fleet support" and click on Reward Packs tab. (with Any quality or with Common,assuming you have the default set to search with Sort by price)

Right-click to Use the item.

Each Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack will include :

  • 4 Common Duty Officers (or better)
  • 2 Uncommon Duty Officers (or better)
  • 1 Rare Duty Officer (or better)
  • a bonus item! (see below)

Possible bonus items are:

InfoThis item can be used by the both factions, Klingon and Federation, but the received duty officers will depend on what faction you belong to.

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