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Introduced in Season 6, Fleet Marks are a form of currency for projects in the Fleet Advancement System. Players who contribute to projects for their fleet holdings, e.g., the fleet starbase or embassy, are rewarded with 50 fleet credits Fleet Credits per mark (when no ehancements are present) (25 fleet credits Fleet Credits per mark for the Unload Surplus Fleet Marks project (with a duration of 5 minutes and 2000 fleet marks per slot of the project)).

Earning[edit | edit source]

There are several means through which Fleet Marks are earned.

PvE Queue-events[edit | edit source]

There are several Player vs Environment (PvE) group missions that allow players to earn Fleet Marks. Called "Events", they can be accessed via the PvE Queue at any time and require 5 players (15-20 players for Starbase Fleet Defense and Mine Trap) to fulfill certain map objectives. Each mission rewards up to a certain number of Fleet Marks, up to a maximum number, based on the team's performance during the mission. These missions are accessed through the PvE Queue, either in the form of a public match, or through setting up a private match.

They are similar to STF missions as they share similar aspects such as respawn timers and 30 minutes-replay cooldowns. However, some of them are faction locked, meaning that Federation and KDF players are unable to team up.

PvE Mission Rewards
“The Breach” Up to 88 Fleet Marks
“No Win Scenario” Up to 85 Fleet Marks
“Colony Invasion” Up to 60 Fleet Marks
“Starbase Blockade” Up to 55 Fleet Marks
“Starbase Incursion” Up to 70+ Fleet Marks
“Starbase Fleet Defense” Up to 105 Fleet Marks
“Fleet Alert” Up to 59 Fleet Marks
“The Vault: Ensnared” Up to 10 Fleet Marks
“Azure Nebula Rescue” Up to 20 Fleet Marks
“Mine Trap” Up to 40 Fleet Marks
“Crystalline Catastrophe” 40 Fleet Marks, or 60 Fleet Marks for elite
“Defend Rh'Ihho Station” up to 30 Fleet Marks
“Rhi Atmosphere Event” up to 30 Fleet Marks
“Storming the Spire” 29 Fleet Marks

These rewards are increased by varying bonuses of Fleet Marks if these missions are played during the Bonus Marks Event, which runs several times a day.

Fleet action dailies[edit | edit source]

There is a daily mission for each classic fleet action which can be obtained from Lieutenant B'Mera for Klingon players and Admiral Grigori Yanishev for Federation players. It can be repeated every 20 hours and rewards 50 fleet Marks Fleet Marks.

Fleet action Rewards
“Breaking the Planet” (daily) 50 Fleet Marks
“Halting the Gorn Advance” (daily) 50 Fleet Marks
“Punch Through the Federation Blockade” (daily) 50 Fleet Marks
“Slowing the Expeditionary Force” (daily) 50 Fleet Marks
“The Big Dig” (daily) 50 Fleet Marks
“Starbase 24” (daily) 50 Fleet Marks

Borg Invasion of Defera[edit | edit source]

Players are also able to earn Fleet Marks on top of the usual rewards given for the missions of the Borg Invasion of Defera. The number of marks earned is proportional to the listed mission difficulty. Medium missions have a 30 minute cooldown and hard missions have a 20 hour cooldown.

The [Easy], [Medium] and [Hard] missions reward 13, 35 and 60 fleet marks Fleet Marks, respectively. While the Fleet Marks Event is active, the amount is increased to 26, 70 and 80, respectively.

PvP Dailies[edit | edit source]


Other Missions[edit | edit source]

There are other non-PvE queue missions that reward Fleet Marks.

Mission Rewards
“Officer of the Watch” 20 Fleet Marks
“Embassy Officer of the Watch” 20 Fleet Marks

Items[edit | edit source]

Currently, the only item that rewards Fleet Marks is the Fleet Tribble. This was to be rewarded to players who participated during the Tribble Test Weekend for Season 6.

Items Rewards
Fleet Tribble
Note: Available in C-Store Items tab if you are eligible for one.
1 Fleet Marks per use
Max: 1 Fleet Marks per hour

File Commendation Report[edit | edit source]

You can start Duty Officer missions at the console next to the tunnel in your fleet's Ops Center. Per commendation your points total should exceed 110.000 CXP before you can start a Commendation Report Duty Officer mission. Per Mission it will cost 10.000 CXP to earm 75 Fleet Marks (or 100 Fleet Marks on a critical success). The mission's Critical Success Traits are Tactful, Emotional, Resolve, and Cunning. It is suggested to never use "Success" Specialization because it reduced over all Critical Success. [1]

Spending[edit | edit source]

Fleet Marks are spendable through contributing to Fleet Starbase Projects. These are accessed through the Fleet Menu and are listed under Holdings.

References[edit | edit source]

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Energy Credits can be obtained from various events,assignments,missions,selling items and it is the only Tradable Currency in game Energy Credits
Federation Players can obtain Reputation Marks from various events,missions,assignments.Reputation Marks are required for personal projects Klingon Players can obtain Reputation Marks from various events,missions,assignments.Reputation Marks are required for personal projects Reputation Marks Delta Marks Delta MarksDyson Marks Dyson Marks
Nukara Marks Nukara MarksOmega Marks Omega Marks
Romulan Marks Romulan MarksUndine Marks Undine Marks
Iconian Marks Iconian MarksTerran Marks Terran Marks
Temporal Marks Temporal Marks
Federation Players can obtain Fleet Assets from missions,dailies,assignments from or for Fleet Projects Klingon Players can obtain Fleet Assets from missions,dailies,assignments from or for Fleet Projects Fleet Assets Fleet CreditsFleet Credit icon (Klingon).png Fleet Credits
Fleet MarksFleet Mark icon (Klingon).png Fleet Marks
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Refined Dilithium only from refining the ore or selling zen on the dilithium exchange system.Not tradable Dilithium
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Gold-Pressed Latinum only from playing Dabo at Drozana Station or Deep Space Nine, various assignments or turning in Holiday Collectibles during Winter Event at the GPL Conversion Unit.Gold-Pressed Latinum can be used for various assignments, purchasing special items such as Trophies, Holo Emitters or playing Dabo.Not tradable Gold-Pressed Latinum
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Lobi Crystals only from opening lock boxes or various promotional pack offers at the Zen Store.Not tradable. Lobi Crystals
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Zen, the only currency usable in cash shop from purchasing zen with real money or exchanging refined dilithium on the dilithium exchange system.Not tradable Zen
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