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Fleet Manticore Heavy Destroyer

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Faction FED25.pngFleet Manticore Heavy Destroyer
Rank background icon.png
Vice Admiral Rank icon (Federation).png
Lvl 50: 43643
Lvl 55: 47121
Lvl 60: 50600
Lvl 65: 56925
Hull modifier:
Shield modifier:
Turn rate:
Impulse modifier:
Inertia rating:
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+5 shield power
Bridge Officers:
Commander Tactical Lieutenant Commander Engineering-Command Lieutenant Science Lieutenant Commander Universal Ensign Universal
Fore 4 Aft 3
Can equip dual cannons.
Device slots:
Console tac icon.png 5 Console eng icon.png 4 Console sci icon.png 2
20,000Fleet Credits
1Fleet Ship Module icon.png
1,000Stalwart icon.png
Admiralty stats:
Adm eng fed.png 37 Adm tac fed.png 62 Adm sci fed.png 18

The Fleet Manticore Heavy Destroyer is a Tier 6 (Vice Admiral) level Federation Escort. Players can obtain the vessel through the Shipyard for 20,000 Fleet Credits and 1 Fleet Ship Module icon.png, as long as the player's Fleet has a Tier 2 Fleet Spire, owns the standard Manticore Heavy Destroyer, and is a Lifetime or 1000-Day Subscriber.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Fleet Manticore-class Heavy Destroyer [T6] has been specifically designed to support your Fleet. Fleet Starships are built to the highest standard and have increased Hull Hit Points, Shield Strength, and an additional Console slot. Tier 6 Fleet ships do not have a 5th Starship Mastery level and thus do not unlock a Starship Trait.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Manticore-class[edit | edit source]

Manticore Class

After the success of the Chimera-class Heavy Destroyer prototype, Utopia Plantia shipyard has decided to make further advancements upon the experimental design of the Heavy Destroyer. The result is the Manticore-class Heavy Destroyer.

Chimera-class[edit | edit source]

Chimera class

In its default Regeneration Mode, the Chimera's structure features an integrated saucer and hull. The ship has a large deflector dish protruding from the bottom of the saucer. Four nacelles are attached to level pylons extending from the rear of the hull. Each nacelle is separated by a short pylon that retracts when in sector space, pulling together to form a more compact appearance.

The Chimera's most striking trait is by far the change in appearance enabled by the Dynamic Tactical System. The console effectively turns the Chimera into a "transformer", with three different appearances. When engaging Tactical Mode, the Chimera's saucer splits, with the outer edges expanding and locking into 3 sections. Portions in the middle of the saucer sink lower, pushing the lower saucer to partially obscure the deflector dish. The center portions of the saucer, near the bridge, also raise up to expose the Chimera's Phaser Lotus Array, and the rear pylons angle downwards to move the nacelles below the saucer.

When in Sector Space, the Chimera's pylons angle upwards, like those of a Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit.

Admiralty Ship[edit | edit source]

Admiralty Ship
Shipshot Background Admiralty.png
Shipshot Destroyer Chimera T6 Fleet.png
Shipshot Frame Tactical.png
Shipshot Frame Veryrare.png
Adm eng fed.png 37 Adm tac fed.png 62 Adm sci fed.png 18
+8 SCI per Any Ship

Starship Mastery[edit | edit source]

Starship Mastery
Precise Weapon Systems
Precise Weapon Systems
Precise Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Devastating Weaponry
Devastating Weaponry
Devastating Weaponry
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Level Name Description
I Precise Weapon Systems +5 Accuracy Rating.
II Enhanced Weapon Banks +15% Critical Severity.
III Devastating Weaponry +2.5% Critical Chance.
IV Enhanced Weapon Systems +10% Kinetic Damage.
+10% All Energy Damage.
V No Starship Trait specified
VI Account-Wide Reclaim Unlock Complete this tier of Starship Mastery to be allowed to claim this starship on any character on this account.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Fleet Manticore Heavy Destroyer comes innate with Regenerative Mode, but can switch to Tactical Mode upon equipping the [Console – Universal – Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System] from the Manticore Heavy Destroyer. This vessel does not include the console by default. A unique ability is available when each mode is activated.

Standard Configuration[edit | edit source]

Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

Scaling starship[edit source]

This starship's equipment slots, base hull capacity and shield capacity scale as your level increases.

Equipment slots[edit source]

As you rank up every 10 levels, up to level 40, the ship's forward weapon slots, aft weapon slots, tactical console slots, engineering console slots, and science console slots will slowly increase toward endgame capabilities:

Level Console tac icon.png Console eng icon.png Console sci icon.png Fore weapons Aft weapons
0-9 3 2 0 2 2
10-19 3 2 1 3 2
20-29 4 3 1 3 3
30-39 4 3 2 4 3
40+ 5 4 2

Hull strength[edit source]

This table shows how the ship's hull strength scales at each level. The base hull of all scaling starships is 10,000, which is then multiplied by the ship's hull modifier (1.265 for the Fleet Manticore Heavy Destroyer), and then multiplied by the scaling multiplier below at each level.

Hull scaling table
Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP
0 1 12650 20 2 25300 40 3 37950 60 4 50600
5 1.25 15813 25 2.25 28463 45 3.25 41113 65 4.5 56925
10 1.5 18975 30 2.5 31625 50 3.45 43643
15 1.75 22138 35 2.75 34788 55 3.725 47121

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Next to the various versions of the Long Range Science Vessel, this is one of the few Starfleet ships whose warp nacelles move when entering or exiting warp.
  • This is the Fleet T6 Version of the Chimera Heavy Destroyer.

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